Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wiffle Ball?

Not sure how this got started, but Matt is on a Wiffle Ball team with some friends at work. He had his first game today so I sent him off with a 3 gallon Bubba Keg of Gatorade, and his new wiffle ball bat and glove. Too funny..
I guess they needed ideas for the team name so he came up with, "Take a Wiff".. wouldn't you know it?
Ohhhh Matt.

While he was busy getting ready for that I decided to make lunches and dinners for the entire week. I know this sounds exhausting, but it saves so much time and energy throughout the week, and so easy to just grab and go, or warm up something for dinner. I am much more in the mood to hit the gym if I dont have to cook dinner, do dishes, clean up the kitchen, etc. Today I made this cheeseburger casserole for Matt's lunches, he freaking loves it. Literally, he will eat the whole thing by Friday, and is totally fine with eating the same thing everyday. I am lucky.
I also made chicken and dumplins and a HUGE pot of vegetable soup. Of course, I used my Gran's rolling pin for the dumplins- wouldn't tase near the same without it.

I miss my Gran and my Granny everyday, but I always think of the things they taught me, the memories, and recipes, and all the fun times, and I know that they would be proud of who I have become!!


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