Thursday, November 11, 2010

Randomness Part 2.

Since I haven't written in well over a month, you get more randomness from me!
Matt found a job about 3 days after I posted the last post. Talk about blessed.. thank goodness for family. My brother helped get him on at Aaron's, which is where my brother is a General Manager, and he is a Management Trainee working his way up to General Manager, which will be a GREAT opportunity for him. He started on Oct. 25th so he is on his 3rd week there and really loves it. It has been tough not seeing him all day, going to lunch with him everyday and not riding to work together, but it makes our time together at home, at night, that much more special. He finally got his uniform"shirts" in the mail so I can stop ironing dress shirts, dress pants and ties.. which is my reason/excuse for no blogging. And yes, I have heard about a thing called "dry cleaners", but I really have not had time to drop off and pick up so I have been doing it all on my own. Blah.
And the 100 mg of clomid was a no go.. my progesterone level was actually lower with 100 mg of clomid than it was with 50mg.
Up to 150 mg of clomid for this cycle, which I finished this past weekend. Since, I have been talking myself out of getting naked and sitting inside of a deep freezer. I am hot, hot, hot, hot.... and I don't mean sexy. I mean hot.. I like to call them heatwaves... because they start at my head and work down and before you know it I can feel sweat coming from my pores. It's during the night while sleeping, during the day while I am sitting at my desk, whenever. Hot. I had some MAJOR pains last night in both ovaries. It was almost intolerable, and sweet Matt rubbed my back to help me fall asleep. My OPK sticks are slightly getting darker, and its only CD13 ... normally they don't start getting darker until day 20 or so.
OH, and I am going to the Nutcracker Market on Saturday with my sister in law and niece on Saturday!! For anyone who lives around Houston and hasn't been... GO... it is such a treat. I actually have some money put aside for this trip so I am super excited.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!! I am loving everyone's thankful blogs and Facebook post. If I weren't so behind I would totally participate!!
Time to go ice down this hot body.

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