Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Orleans!

Hey there!

I have had a very busy few weeks, and lots of great updates for you! I have knocked two more items off my 35 before 35  list!

First things first, I got (picked out) a new camera for my birthday, so this takes care of item number 9, buy a Canon Rebel Camera. I got the Canon Rebel 4di.  I have done research on these cameras (and other DSLR's) for about 5 years now and never want to spend the  money and just end up buying a $99 camera on sale that I regret and hate after 2 weeks. This one was not on sale, but I did get the package deal that some retailers sell for the price of the camera alone so I felt as if I got a great deal. I ended up with the camera, all sorts of CD's and books to look at that I haven't even opened, two lenses(one for everyday, and one that is a super zoomer that would be great for the Zoo) a really cool bag, and a memory card.  It took some great shots just right out of the box ..

Poor Matt and the dogs! I really wanted to try it out but it's dark outside when I get home from work, and was very anxious to use it so the product of me being impatient is about 400 pictures of them functioning in their everyday life. I will spare you the other 397 for now. Also, a funny story- we went to the zoo with my brother's family the weekend that we got the camera, and I didn't realize that my memory card was at home, in the computer, until we got to the zoo, waiting almost an hour to park and were inside the zoo already. We searched every gift shop for a memory card but I was just out of luck. I will never do that again! I had to promise Matt we would go visit the zoo the following weekend for our New Orleans trip!
And speaking of New Orleans, we went last weekend for my 34th Birthday! I have never been, and have been wanting to go ever since I realized how much I love Vegas, but can't go every single month like I would like to. I heard that New Orleans is a little mini- Vegas, and it really was! I come from a very cajun background where we eat Crawfish for Easter and boudain is just a staple, but had never been to this city where the culture was just so neat, the food was amazing and we had the best time!
We drove, which took us about 4.5- 5 hours.. I am providing a range there because we were stuck in some pretty heavy traffic in Baton Rouge. Luckily, my awesome friend Amanda made me a two volume birthday CD that REALLY made the time go by.. She included all kinds of throwback songs and knows my style because I loved every last one of them. Lisa Loeb, Backstreet Boys, Arrested Development.. you cannot go wrong and she was so thoughtful to do that for me!
We got to  New Orleans at about 7pm on my birthday night and went straight to Bourbon Street. I told some friends beforehand that I was going to turn Bourbon Street into Durbin Street, but in all honesty we are not that wild and it didn't happen.. I did have a Hurricane from Pat O'Brians once we got there and we walked up and down the street and went in and out of the shops. If you haven't gone to Bourbon Street, the pattern goes like this- Bar, VooDoo Shop, Resturant, Strip Club, and it's that way over and over again.
Saturday was a GREAT day! We had breakfast at Cafe DuMonde, which was referred by about 72 people, and LOVED it.. We had a bit of a line but it was well worth the wait, and only ending up spending about $20 which included a coffee mug for me to take home.

And yes, that is totally powdered sugar on my shirt! I feel as if I was covered in powdered sugar about 75% of the trip because we went to Cafe DuMonde 3 times in a 24 hour period. Also, I see you eye'n our Texans shirts, and we did brave them the entire weekend. Take that, Saints fans!

Anyways, we walked the French Quarter and picked up some gifts for a few hours and then the bottomless pit (Matt) was hungry again, and we had $50 in Landry's rewards so we went to Bubba Gumps and had a great meal for $6!! I couldn't believe it! I had shrimp and grits and it was AMAZING. The waitresses also played Forrest Gump trivia with a group of us that were lucky enough to sit on the balcony and I got most of those correct and it was alot of fun! We hit the zoo after this and we had such full belly's and we walked around for about two hours or so. Matt is huge fan of anything zoo, and would go every weekend if I would agree to it. We have seen the animals at the Houston zoo a hundred times so it was nice to see some change. This one had a Cajun theme to it and was super cute.

OK, and I know that the flamingo's isn't Cajun themed but it was too good of a picture not to post,  haha! I really liked this zoo, so for anyone who may be visiting with kiddos, it was really a neat set up. We spent most of the night in the French Quarter/ Bourbon Street, and then on Sunday after a delicious lunch at the Gumbo Shop it was time to head home. We cannot wait to visit NOLA again very, very soon, and I am happy to knock two more things off my list..
3.Buy lunch for a stranger

7.Get fitted for shoes and purchase them at Luke's locker

9. Buy a Canon Rebel camera
14. Visit New Orleans
It's cook-off /Rodeo time in Houston so if you are planning on going out in that direction, please be safe and have a great time!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

Yeehaw and Happy Friday! This here Flashback Friday post is brought to you in Humble, Texas, just a few weeks before the Rodeo with good ol' cowgirl style!

This cowgirl is not a riding horse kind of cowgirl, but a cloggin', square dancin' kind of cowgirl!
Also, this cowgirl does not even like  Country Music (in the least) ,is pretty scared of horses, and can barely scrounge together a "western" themed outfit for an annual "Go Texan Day" each year here in Houston, Texas.

This cowgirl likes to shake her booty to Black-Eyed Peas, anything with a funky beat from the 80's or 90's, but had the privilege of wearing this little number at my dance recital circa 1992 when I was in 8th grade.

Flashback Friday Fun Facts:
1. I was the tallest, oldest (by far) girl in this clogging class.
2. I never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy at this age, and couldn't figure out why. YM and Seventeen magazine both promised me this would happen soon.
3. Gluing red sequins around this cowboy/girl hat was just what this outfit needed.
4. This clogging dance was danced to the tune of "That's what I like about you" by Tricia Yearwood.
5. Shiny panthose still rock my socks.
6. My parents still have this sweet, sweet outfit in their attic.
7. I would totally take a clogging class again if I could find one in my area!

Happy Friday, folks!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Changes

One month into my new lifestyle, and with some little changes I have made I am seeing some big results! On January 1st, I made a spreadsheet with my starting weight, along with my measurements for chest, stomach, hips, arms and legs and plan to update each month on the first to see how many inches I may be losing, in addition to seeing the changes on the scale.

The little changes I have made so far include..

  • Weight Watcher meetings after work on Fridays- no more eating a big lunch/ happy hour and then crashing into a nap until 5 or 6pm.

  • Cooking all the meals and lunches for the week on Sundays so that I don't have time to ever think about what's for supper.. There is a menu, and we stick to it.

  • No more ice cream for dessert every night. I have switched this for a 90 calorie pudding cup, or even fresh fruit.

  • Splitting meals with Matt when we go out to eat. If we can't agree on something, or he is really, really hungry I just order off the kids menu (cheaper that way, too!).

  • No more cokes; I only drink one soda a day now, and it's a diet coke.

  • I am also starting to hit the gym.. we brought our clothes with us to church today, and then went straight to the gym when it was over and changed and got our workout done before we went home. I can't say I have worked out everyday this month, or even a great percentage of this month, but we are definitely "moving" more than we used to!

So with these changes I have made, I have also made these changes to my body...(GET EXCITED!!)

I have lost 17 lbs since January 1st.. (6 lbs on my own, and then 11 with Weight Watchers)

I have lost 3 inches from my stomach.

I have lost 1 inch from my chest.

I have lost 2 inches from my hips.

I am down a pant size!!

I am very excited about this- obviously the weight is a huge deal but I am really glad I measured everything because it's neat to see those numbers go down as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Super Bowl! We switched out our normal meal of buffalo wings, pizza rolls, and fried cheese with Bison burgers and baked "fries".. So delicious!

Have a great week (:

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