Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Changes

One month into my new lifestyle, and with some little changes I have made I am seeing some big results! On January 1st, I made a spreadsheet with my starting weight, along with my measurements for chest, stomach, hips, arms and legs and plan to update each month on the first to see how many inches I may be losing, in addition to seeing the changes on the scale.

The little changes I have made so far include..

  • Weight Watcher meetings after work on Fridays- no more eating a big lunch/ happy hour and then crashing into a nap until 5 or 6pm.

  • Cooking all the meals and lunches for the week on Sundays so that I don't have time to ever think about what's for supper.. There is a menu, and we stick to it.

  • No more ice cream for dessert every night. I have switched this for a 90 calorie pudding cup, or even fresh fruit.

  • Splitting meals with Matt when we go out to eat. If we can't agree on something, or he is really, really hungry I just order off the kids menu (cheaper that way, too!).

  • No more cokes; I only drink one soda a day now, and it's a diet coke.

  • I am also starting to hit the gym.. we brought our clothes with us to church today, and then went straight to the gym when it was over and changed and got our workout done before we went home. I can't say I have worked out everyday this month, or even a great percentage of this month, but we are definitely "moving" more than we used to!

So with these changes I have made, I have also made these changes to my body...(GET EXCITED!!)

I have lost 17 lbs since January 1st.. (6 lbs on my own, and then 11 with Weight Watchers)

I have lost 3 inches from my stomach.

I have lost 1 inch from my chest.

I have lost 2 inches from my hips.

I am down a pant size!!

I am very excited about this- obviously the weight is a huge deal but I am really glad I measured everything because it's neat to see those numbers go down as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Super Bowl! We switched out our normal meal of buffalo wings, pizza rolls, and fried cheese with Bison burgers and baked "fries".. So delicious!

Have a great week (:


the blogivers said...

Way to go! Seriously, I'm really proud of you and this post put a big smile on my face! (I hope it's not creepy to be really proud of someone you have only met in real life once...?) Keep up the good work!

The Joiners said...

YAY so happy for you, and so proud of you for sticking with it! Also, can I have that one inch that you lost from your chest? Mine could use the help- ha ha!

Keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

So I've seen you around other blogs I read and had to say hi! Why couldn't have our metabolism been made to handle ice cream every night? Congrats on your weight loss... that's awesome!!

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