Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Results Part Two!

I told ya all kinds of doctors appt's were in the works.

Back it up- had bloodwork done last Thursday, got results in today so I went in for my follow up on my thyroid evaluation.

**If you are new to my story, I am have been on 88 mcg of Synthroid since the end of April. I was going back for bloodwork to see if the Synthroid made BOTH T3 and T4 work at the end of 3 months.**

I found out today that it made the T4 work, but NOT the T3.. which I am ok with. Now, I take two pills a day.. Synthroid 88 mcg and Cytomel 25 mg. I guess I go back in 3 more months to see if this works, if not, he will increase the Cytomel. My levels were great on the T4 so I am continuing on that, and the T3 was the exact same as it was in April. SO weird. The doctor thinks this will kick up the metabolism a notch and make me feel alot better.
All this talk of T3 and T4 makes me hungry, because they remind me of Taco Bell's menu.. and I am pretty sure the T4 is two tacos and a mexican pizza! YUM! LOL!
Oh, and speaking of Taco Bell-(or NOT speaking of Taco Bell ) I have lost about 12 lbs! My work britches are even getting baggy (: Time for new clothes? Sure, why not? Or better yet, back to that section of my closet!
Next appt: Thursday August 5th with the great, wonderful *Dr. B*.
I hope she doesn't disappoint.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'll Never..

You know the drinking game "I Never". Yeah, I have played it a time or two. Well, this is my "hoping for pregnancy" version of it called "I'll never".... feel free to leave a comment and play along.

  1. I'll never... complain of morning sickness- ever.
  2. I'll never... complain about waking up in the middle of the night, even if 100 times, to feed my baby.
  3. I'll never... complain about not being able to booze it up while I am pregnant. Yeah, you heard me right.
  4. I'll never...complain about not being able to see my shoes because my belly is so big. I can see my shoes just fine when they are not on my feet, and I am ok with that.
  5. I'll never... complain about "breast leakage". If life hands you leakage, grab the lemons and make Leak-onade.
  6. I'll never... complain about having to pee all day. Bring it on frequent urination.
  7. I'll never... complain about constipation. Blessing in disguise, enough said.
  8. I'll never... complain about the smell of eggs. Who really likes the smell of eggs anyway, pregnant or not pregnant? Not me.

I can't wait to have morning sickness, cankles, pee all day, and be constipated.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 doctors, in 3 weeks!

It' GO time!
This might get confusing.
I have made my appointment with the new doctor *Dr. B* that I have been waiting to see. Whenever I called yesterday to make the appt. the soonest I could get in was September, the END of September. I made an appt. at the same place with a different doctor, *Dr. M*for August 5th and then researched Dr. M a little bit more when I got home last night. I found that Dr. M was very new, and I am sure she would be great, she was not Dr. B who I have so patiently waited for, and have tons of recommendations. I even met her myself last year when she delivered my sister in law's baby. She was GREAT. Anyways, back to *Dr. M*- she is fresh out of school and wasn't even listed on my insurance website as a Obgyn, but as a DO. And I am sure this is snobby, and I am sure she is great, but it worried me sick that I would be spinning my wheels yet again. I tossed and turned on it, and found another Obgyn in the same vicinity, different hospital, that I thought I would try today. We will call him *Dr. F*. He specializes in infertility and had outstanding reviews, so I made an appt. with him for next week, and thought about canceling my appt. with *Dr. M*.
SO get this..
I got the confirmation email about my appt. with Dr. M, but only it said ... DR. B!!!! My first choice!! I was soo excited! I dont know how that happened but I have it in writing, or.. er.. typing, and you betcha I will print that out when I go to my appt.
I am keeping my appt. with Dr. F for next week since it is so soon, and I would like to meet with two different ones because .. well.. they might have totally different plans or opinions. I also want to get pricing on IUI treatments in case that is the next step.
Here is my schedule..
Next week, meeting Dr. F, Thursday @ 2
The next week, Thyroid bloodwork, and results to find out how synthroid is working.
The next week, meeting Dr. B, Thursday at 10am.
2 doctors are better than none. (:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

What a cute little guy! No -I did not get another dog, I just found a picture of him online but I thought it was fitting. Rest assured, my dogs will be dressed up also, obviously.

We are headed to the lake today for a good ol' American day of water sports, food, and fireworks, and most important.. FRIENDS AND FAMILY!
I hope to take some good pics to share BUT.. I cannot find my charger anywhere for my camera, which charges my camera, and also assist in getting the images onto my computer. Boooo.

Yesterday we went out to Katy Mills and watched "Eclipse". It was so good! I think the characters really fall into place in their characters in this one. Not that they didn't before, but now, officially for me, they can never play any other roles, as they will always be Jacob, Edward, Bella, etc. It just wouldnt be the same to see them play a different role. I liked the new Victoria too, she did a good job. I was pretty much anti that whole situation for a while but I think she was great. I can't wait for the next one. Matt asked me before it started (as he also did for New Moon), "Is this the one where he changes her?" LOL.

Also, I got a visit on Friday night from AF. Only 20 days since the last visit. Girls on synthroid, is this normal? I am thinking maybe my dosage might be too high. I called my 24/7 Nurseline through Blue Cross Blue Shield and they did not seem to be too worried about it. She was a registered nurse and she tells me to call my doctor. Thanks. If it wasn't a Friday night on a holiday weekend, I would not have called her.
Anyways, I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy 4th of July!!

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