Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Results Part Two!

I told ya all kinds of doctors appt's were in the works.

Back it up- had bloodwork done last Thursday, got results in today so I went in for my follow up on my thyroid evaluation.

**If you are new to my story, I am have been on 88 mcg of Synthroid since the end of April. I was going back for bloodwork to see if the Synthroid made BOTH T3 and T4 work at the end of 3 months.**

I found out today that it made the T4 work, but NOT the T3.. which I am ok with. Now, I take two pills a day.. Synthroid 88 mcg and Cytomel 25 mg. I guess I go back in 3 more months to see if this works, if not, he will increase the Cytomel. My levels were great on the T4 so I am continuing on that, and the T3 was the exact same as it was in April. SO weird. The doctor thinks this will kick up the metabolism a notch and make me feel alot better.
All this talk of T3 and T4 makes me hungry, because they remind me of Taco Bell's menu.. and I am pretty sure the T4 is two tacos and a mexican pizza! YUM! LOL!
Oh, and speaking of Taco Bell-(or NOT speaking of Taco Bell ) I have lost about 12 lbs! My work britches are even getting baggy (: Time for new clothes? Sure, why not? Or better yet, back to that section of my closet!
Next appt: Thursday August 5th with the great, wonderful *Dr. B*.
I hope she doesn't disappoint.


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