Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 doctors, in 3 weeks!

It' GO time!
This might get confusing.
I have made my appointment with the new doctor *Dr. B* that I have been waiting to see. Whenever I called yesterday to make the appt. the soonest I could get in was September, the END of September. I made an appt. at the same place with a different doctor, *Dr. M*for August 5th and then researched Dr. M a little bit more when I got home last night. I found that Dr. M was very new, and I am sure she would be great, she was not Dr. B who I have so patiently waited for, and have tons of recommendations. I even met her myself last year when she delivered my sister in law's baby. She was GREAT. Anyways, back to *Dr. M*- she is fresh out of school and wasn't even listed on my insurance website as a Obgyn, but as a DO. And I am sure this is snobby, and I am sure she is great, but it worried me sick that I would be spinning my wheels yet again. I tossed and turned on it, and found another Obgyn in the same vicinity, different hospital, that I thought I would try today. We will call him *Dr. F*. He specializes in infertility and had outstanding reviews, so I made an appt. with him for next week, and thought about canceling my appt. with *Dr. M*.
SO get this..
I got the confirmation email about my appt. with Dr. M, but only it said ... DR. B!!!! My first choice!! I was soo excited! I dont know how that happened but I have it in writing, or.. er.. typing, and you betcha I will print that out when I go to my appt.
I am keeping my appt. with Dr. F for next week since it is so soon, and I would like to meet with two different ones because .. well.. they might have totally different plans or opinions. I also want to get pricing on IUI treatments in case that is the next step.
Here is my schedule..
Next week, meeting Dr. F, Thursday @ 2
The next week, Thyroid bloodwork, and results to find out how synthroid is working.
The next week, meeting Dr. B, Thursday at 10am.
2 doctors are better than none. (:


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