Friday, September 30, 2011


Yucky. I had my first wreck ever, and of course it was right outside my new job. I am ok and so was the other lady, thank goodness, and I was the one ticketed because the cop had no way to prove that she was driving like a bat out of hell. Thank goodness I have great insurance that booked me a rental car for first thing the next morning, and has called to check on my about 3 times. I have some war wounds on my arm and on my belly, and some weird bruising showed up on my belly yesterday. My neck was really sore but today it is much better.
So now I am driving like a 92 year that I would have had road rage with a month ago, going about 40 miles down the highway. I am super cautious, and I leave my cell phone IN my purse. If it rings, I will get to it whenever I get to my destination.
On a good note: it's Saturday and it's super cool outside, AND.. I have already done my grocery shopping for the week. I plan on cleaning, and cooking, and maybe taking down some Halloween decorations out of the attic.
Happy Saturday to you (:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch up time!

Time to catch you all up! I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I posted last, so I have lots to say and I am going to try to remember it all now. Most of it will be rather random, just so you know.
We had a vacation planned with my brother Matt and my sister in law Kim to go to New Orleans. This was our first time to go, and we were looking forward to it.. Matt and Kim were looking forward to some Mommy and Daddy time since they had their sweet baby girl in March. Well, poor baby got sick, and she was in the hospital! It was so sad, and I am sure that Matt and Kim were terrified. We postponed our trip for the time being, and Matt and I decided to take off work since we had already requested it, and I had a ton of vacation time I had to use at work, and the four of us went to L’Baurge Du Lac in Lake Charles. My sweet husband won $1200 on a penny machine as soon as we got there!!! Then he learned to play craps, and won some more money on that. We were so excited! So he used some of his winnings to purchase an IPad2, and we are having a blast with that and the new world of apps that we have never seen before. Of course, we are using it for intelligent things like farting sound effects, popping pimples (yes, that is really an app) and fantasy football. First class all the way for the Durbin’s! Oh, and on another app, Matt has put a picture of my face in a shark tank and likes to watch the sharks eat me. How is that for love?
Speaking of Fantasy football, we have 3 teams between the two of us, and all of our guys on all of our teams are getting injured, getting arrested, getting suspended.. all lots of fun. This is my first year to play, and all I ask is that they make it through the tunnel without getting hurt.. C’mon now. Not too much to ask for someone who makes millions a year, am I right?
And the most special, important news of all… I GOT A NEW JOB! I started on September 6th, and while leaving Sun Coast was very hard, and a huge decision for me, I really feel as though I made an excellent choice. My last day at Sun Coast was so emotional!! I cried all day, and was just amazed at how much I was appreciated. I got a HUGE card from all the drivers, and they all wrote such sweet things. I will miss everyone, but again, I am extremely happy and confident in my decision, and am looking forward to a bright, sunny future as a Personnel Recruiter!
Other than all this, I have just been getting adjusted to my new hours, and getting the new schedule down. Nothing much going on in the baby makin’ department (what’s new?), other than I did start this month on time, as in 28 days on time. WOW! I plan on making a consultation appointment with an acupuncturist who specializes in “sub-fertility” in both men and women after a full cycle to see if it’s 28 days again this month. She came highly recommended from my new buddy at my new job, who I just know will be pregnant in no time. (; I cannot wait to feed her (and me ) chocolate all day!!

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