Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Fortune Cookie Don't Lie- Hopefully...

So check out my fortune from my fortune cookie I got on Thursday night. Hopefully it is right on the money!!

I am normally the one that gets the silly ones that say "You will be swollen from all the sodium you just ate" or " You love Chinese food" or even "You gain admiration from your pears". That's right.. PEARS.. not... PEERS, hahah. My pears always thought the world of me.

Obviously, I was excited to get this one!!

I had a great low key night last night. I took a bubble bath for about an hour and read my Eclipse book, which is the 3rd book of the Twilight Series. I am about half way done, and loving it! I can't wait for New Moon to come out in theaters in November. My wonderful hubby brought me in a glass of red wine, and it was perfect. He also ordered Jason's Deli so we ate that when I got out and I had a delicious Turkey Sandwich with some wonderful fruit, and blackberry tea obviously.

I talked to my couisin Mallory for well over an hour after that- we had alot of catching up to do! I love her so much, and don't get to talk to her near as much as I would like to, but I was excited to find out she has been reading this blog so she has been passing on to her family all the chain of events, and I am thankful for that!

Not much planned today. It's Saturday, so there will be some type of shopping involved. I just can't control myself :0

Monday, July 20, 2009

Leave it to me..

To produce a HUGE follicle that is way to big to do anything with!!

Haha, I will start from the beginning in regards to today's appt. I brought Matt with me- I thought it might be neat for him to see what all goes on and see why I get so excited/ pissed off sometimes. Anyways, I have had huge side cramps really low for the past two days. Throbbing, almost painful. I thought maybe that was the big "O" (ovulation). Well, I guessed right. According to my blood results and my ultrasound, I have not yet ovulated this month. That is good, this is day 13 so it would have been a little early. I did have two tiny follicles remaining on the left side, and one HUGE, ENORMOUS, follicle on the right side. It measured at 31mm, which is about 10 mm higher than they like it to be. They say a good egg comes from a follicle between 18 and 21 mm. As I said.. leave it to me!
My blood indicated I am a raging hormonal piece of work. Level was 41 on day 3 (normal) and it should have gone up, but it was a little over 400!!! Wayyy too high. The good news is that she told me that we at least have answers and when I meet with the dr. for my final consultation (before treatment) he will be able to pin point and get me going in the right direction. I was ok with that, huge follicle or not, at least we are moving in the RIGHT direction. That appointment is not until August 3rd, so I will be sure to post about other things until then!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


One down! Our little male chorkie went to his new home yesterday. I was sort of sad, but I know the family is great and the kids are going to love all over him. The dad came to pick him up yesterday morning because he was going to suprise the kiddos. They knew they were getting him, just thought it would be two more weeks or so. I went over the shot records, gave him all the receipts and I made up this little doggie bag with a can of the puppy food I have been feeding him, brochures from the vet, and of course his blankie. Here is the doggie bag..

I thought it was cute and he loved it too. He called me about two hours later and asked me when he had eaten last, he must have been crying lol. I asked him what they had named him and he said they had bought a puppy book and went through a million or so names and came up with "Koby". How cute is that!! And very fitting.
After he left we headed over to Lumber liquidators to pick up the rest of our floors. We only have about 100 square feet left and we will be done with our living room. I, of course, will post pics of that. Matt has done a GREAT job at them. This is our first home project to do ourself (besides some basic painting) and he has rocked it out!
Other plans today, besides trying to finish the floors, include two workouts (running/walking and hitting the gym), tanning, cooking more meals for the week (chicken fajitas for one meal, grilling chicken on the grill for a few nights worth of meals, and a pork tenderloin) and doing some laundry for the week. Oh, I am also going to clean out this computer room. The closet has a ton of stuff in it that we just threw when we moved in and I am ready to get rid/sell alot of it. I found about 10 more things last night that I could sell on I just love that place!

I have my mid-cycle ultrasound tomorrow where we will see if I have/am/or will ovulate! I think Matt is going to try to go with me to this one.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HSG Test

Well, I had my HSG Test today. I don't know if it is good news or bad news or if it is just plain ol' news. I really haven't had time to let it process in my mind.
To start I was given an antiobiotic to prevent infection. I started taking this yesterday, per Dr's orders. Well, I threw it up on the way to work. I was super nauseous and apparently I should have taken it with lots of water. I did that last night and was fine, and again this morning. I will keep taking this through Sunday, twice a day. They also gave me 600 mg of Motrin for "pain".
I think they could have given me vicadin and it still would have hurt like hell. Very uncomfortable, lots and lots of pressure, because of the fluid in my uterus obviously, and it was like super bad menstrual cramps, you know the ones- where it feels like barbwire is twisted around your ovaries. OUCH!
So that went down, or up I guess you should say, and they watched on the screen and took pictures of it with the big xray machine thingy. When he was done, which was only seconds really, he showed me how it looked. One side was totally free and clear, and the fluid leaked through just as it should. One side was all crimped, but eventually did go through he said. He thought there might be scar tissue causing this on that one side. I have no idea where that came from.
He didn't really seem to want to get into it, but said we would talk about it after my mid-cycle ultrasound on Monday. After that, which we will see if I am indeed ovulating, we will get together for a "after" consultation and come up with a plan. I really hope this plan does not involve IVF, which is not in our budget and not paid for by insurance. Go easy on me for goodness sake!! It's bad enough and expensive enough as it is!!
So there it is- a fun day of iodine in the fallopian tubes. I am super crampy still, and won't get into details about other wonderful side effects. GROSS!
Had me some chinese food for dinner at Jade Palace, made me and my crampy tummy feel better ;0

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wiffle Ball?

Not sure how this got started, but Matt is on a Wiffle Ball team with some friends at work. He had his first game today so I sent him off with a 3 gallon Bubba Keg of Gatorade, and his new wiffle ball bat and glove. Too funny..
I guess they needed ideas for the team name so he came up with, "Take a Wiff".. wouldn't you know it?
Ohhhh Matt.

While he was busy getting ready for that I decided to make lunches and dinners for the entire week. I know this sounds exhausting, but it saves so much time and energy throughout the week, and so easy to just grab and go, or warm up something for dinner. I am much more in the mood to hit the gym if I dont have to cook dinner, do dishes, clean up the kitchen, etc. Today I made this cheeseburger casserole for Matt's lunches, he freaking loves it. Literally, he will eat the whole thing by Friday, and is totally fine with eating the same thing everyday. I am lucky.
I also made chicken and dumplins and a HUGE pot of vegetable soup. Of course, I used my Gran's rolling pin for the dumplins- wouldn't tase near the same without it.

I miss my Gran and my Granny everyday, but I always think of the things they taught me, the memories, and recipes, and all the fun times, and I know that they would be proud of who I have become!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

11.. Did you say 11??

So good news from my doctor appt. on Thursday! They wisked me in, took more blood, and then I sat waiting for my ultra sound. Someone new came in and did this one- well, she was new to me, been there a while, her name was Heather- how fitting! Anyways, she is doing her thing, looking all around and she asked me what side my cyst was on. I told her it was on the right side, and she couldnt find it anywhere!! It was totally gone!! I couldn't believe it, was super happy, but I know they come and go as they please. I am not getting my hopes up, but for now- that was great news. Also she told me that I had 3-4 follicles on one ovary, and 5-7 on the ovary, and if she had to guess she was say ELEVEN TOTAL!! So you are telling me that I had ZERO last month and this month I had ELEVEN!! How awesome is that?? Here is a pic of what that looks like, these are not mine, but they all hold tiny microscopic eggs.

Matt was very excited, and of course I had to call the parents because I was just ecstatic! Sooo when I came out of my ultrasound room, there were three nurses waiting on me and we all talked for a bit about it- and how good and positive they felt this visit was. The even better part was my blood came back totally normal, so my hormones are all in check. I am thanking Provera for this. I know that is what has helped! I will have the HSG test done in the next week at Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands, and another ultra sound on the 2oth to see if/and how many of my follicles matured into eggs. I will definetely post how those two appts go.

Glad its the weekend! We are going to Whole Foods today because we freakin' love that place, and then we might stop by Half Price books. Also, my mom and step dad are in town and we might meet up with them for dinner. Can't wait to see them!!

Have a super Saturday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Been forever!

I know it has been forever but really there hasn't been anything exciting to post.. Sure, lots of fun things on my end like the chorkies getting all grown and cute, a fun 4th of July party, and a new website I am obsessed with.. But no cycle for June, so I went to the doctor last week on Tuesday, the 30th. I was about 16 days late by this point so they took my blood and later called me to tell me they were prescribing Provera, which was a 10 day pill at 10mg.
Now, I must say I was nervous about this. I have heard nightmares about how much of a bear this makes women and it just makes your "hormones rage" but it really wasnt horrible. Yes, I joked about it, and yes, I had a melt down on the first day and cried my eyes out because I was emotional from it, on the way to work.. after I had put on my makeup. But, really, it only made me a tiny bit hungrier, more emotional, and most importantly.. I STARTED YESTERDAY!! WOohoo!! I am going back tomorrow for my blood work, and ultra sound to take a looksy at that cyst again. I am going to ask for something to "make me ovulate" since we went that route. I really have my eyes on Chlomid or Metformin, but I know there are other things they will want to do first.

Until tomorrow!!

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