Sunday, July 19, 2009


One down! Our little male chorkie went to his new home yesterday. I was sort of sad, but I know the family is great and the kids are going to love all over him. The dad came to pick him up yesterday morning because he was going to suprise the kiddos. They knew they were getting him, just thought it would be two more weeks or so. I went over the shot records, gave him all the receipts and I made up this little doggie bag with a can of the puppy food I have been feeding him, brochures from the vet, and of course his blankie. Here is the doggie bag..

I thought it was cute and he loved it too. He called me about two hours later and asked me when he had eaten last, he must have been crying lol. I asked him what they had named him and he said they had bought a puppy book and went through a million or so names and came up with "Koby". How cute is that!! And very fitting.
After he left we headed over to Lumber liquidators to pick up the rest of our floors. We only have about 100 square feet left and we will be done with our living room. I, of course, will post pics of that. Matt has done a GREAT job at them. This is our first home project to do ourself (besides some basic painting) and he has rocked it out!
Other plans today, besides trying to finish the floors, include two workouts (running/walking and hitting the gym), tanning, cooking more meals for the week (chicken fajitas for one meal, grilling chicken on the grill for a few nights worth of meals, and a pork tenderloin) and doing some laundry for the week. Oh, I am also going to clean out this computer room. The closet has a ton of stuff in it that we just threw when we moved in and I am ready to get rid/sell alot of it. I found about 10 more things last night that I could sell on I just love that place!

I have my mid-cycle ultrasound tomorrow where we will see if I have/am/or will ovulate! I think Matt is going to try to go with me to this one.


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