Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Been forever!

I know it has been forever but really there hasn't been anything exciting to post.. Sure, lots of fun things on my end like the chorkies getting all grown and cute, a fun 4th of July party, and a new website I am obsessed with.. But no cycle for June, so I went to the doctor last week on Tuesday, the 30th. I was about 16 days late by this point so they took my blood and later called me to tell me they were prescribing Provera, which was a 10 day pill at 10mg.
Now, I must say I was nervous about this. I have heard nightmares about how much of a bear this makes women and it just makes your "hormones rage" but it really wasnt horrible. Yes, I joked about it, and yes, I had a melt down on the first day and cried my eyes out because I was emotional from it, on the way to work.. after I had put on my makeup. But, really, it only made me a tiny bit hungrier, more emotional, and most importantly.. I STARTED YESTERDAY!! WOohoo!! I am going back tomorrow for my blood work, and ultra sound to take a looksy at that cyst again. I am going to ask for something to "make me ovulate" since we went that route. I really have my eyes on Chlomid or Metformin, but I know there are other things they will want to do first.

Until tomorrow!!


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