Thursday, July 16, 2009

HSG Test

Well, I had my HSG Test today. I don't know if it is good news or bad news or if it is just plain ol' news. I really haven't had time to let it process in my mind.
To start I was given an antiobiotic to prevent infection. I started taking this yesterday, per Dr's orders. Well, I threw it up on the way to work. I was super nauseous and apparently I should have taken it with lots of water. I did that last night and was fine, and again this morning. I will keep taking this through Sunday, twice a day. They also gave me 600 mg of Motrin for "pain".
I think they could have given me vicadin and it still would have hurt like hell. Very uncomfortable, lots and lots of pressure, because of the fluid in my uterus obviously, and it was like super bad menstrual cramps, you know the ones- where it feels like barbwire is twisted around your ovaries. OUCH!
So that went down, or up I guess you should say, and they watched on the screen and took pictures of it with the big xray machine thingy. When he was done, which was only seconds really, he showed me how it looked. One side was totally free and clear, and the fluid leaked through just as it should. One side was all crimped, but eventually did go through he said. He thought there might be scar tissue causing this on that one side. I have no idea where that came from.
He didn't really seem to want to get into it, but said we would talk about it after my mid-cycle ultrasound on Monday. After that, which we will see if I am indeed ovulating, we will get together for a "after" consultation and come up with a plan. I really hope this plan does not involve IVF, which is not in our budget and not paid for by insurance. Go easy on me for goodness sake!! It's bad enough and expensive enough as it is!!
So there it is- a fun day of iodine in the fallopian tubes. I am super crampy still, and won't get into details about other wonderful side effects. GROSS!
Had me some chinese food for dinner at Jade Palace, made me and my crampy tummy feel better ;0


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