Saturday, July 11, 2009

11.. Did you say 11??

So good news from my doctor appt. on Thursday! They wisked me in, took more blood, and then I sat waiting for my ultra sound. Someone new came in and did this one- well, she was new to me, been there a while, her name was Heather- how fitting! Anyways, she is doing her thing, looking all around and she asked me what side my cyst was on. I told her it was on the right side, and she couldnt find it anywhere!! It was totally gone!! I couldn't believe it, was super happy, but I know they come and go as they please. I am not getting my hopes up, but for now- that was great news. Also she told me that I had 3-4 follicles on one ovary, and 5-7 on the ovary, and if she had to guess she was say ELEVEN TOTAL!! So you are telling me that I had ZERO last month and this month I had ELEVEN!! How awesome is that?? Here is a pic of what that looks like, these are not mine, but they all hold tiny microscopic eggs.

Matt was very excited, and of course I had to call the parents because I was just ecstatic! Sooo when I came out of my ultrasound room, there were three nurses waiting on me and we all talked for a bit about it- and how good and positive they felt this visit was. The even better part was my blood came back totally normal, so my hormones are all in check. I am thanking Provera for this. I know that is what has helped! I will have the HSG test done in the next week at Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands, and another ultra sound on the 2oth to see if/and how many of my follicles matured into eggs. I will definetely post how those two appts go.

Glad its the weekend! We are going to Whole Foods today because we freakin' love that place, and then we might stop by Half Price books. Also, my mom and step dad are in town and we might meet up with them for dinner. Can't wait to see them!!

Have a super Saturday!


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