Thursday, April 22, 2010

Results are in!

Drumroll please!!!.....


I have low thyroid!! Well, there are two different ones that affect metabolism and infertility and both are low! They are T3 and T4, and if I understood correctly the T4 makes sure that the T3 works correctly. He wants me to start on medication to get the T4 working so that he can see if the T3 falls into place from the T4. I am starting 88 mg of Synthroid tomorrow, and he gave me a sample of a lower dosage just in case it makes me feel funny. Yikes.
I have a 2 month supply of the 88 mg, and go back before the 2 months is up to get my levels re-checked to see if the T3 should be treated next. Most likely- something I will take the rest of my life. But- hey- if it makes me feel better, gives me energy, helps me lose weight, and most importantly gives me a baby then I am all for it. The doctor said this was the best $25 I could have spent, having the test done. That makes me happy.
Other than that, Matt and I are watching the NFL draft picks tonight, talking a little smack, and I am actually emotional watching these big ol' boys getting phone calls and crying, and then huggin' their mommas. One guy didn't have his family at the table with him and that was what starting the gigantic lump (or is that my thyroid (; ) in my throat and then tears just started flowing. Geez!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Messed that up..

1. Where is your cell phone? attached to my hand
2. Your significant other? upstairs, trying to have a conversation with me when he could just come right now
3. Your hair? dark brown right now, but highlights soon! (can't wait Amber!!)
4. Your mother? wonderful
5. Your father? wonderful
6. Your favorite? favorite what??
7. Your dream last night? about work
8. Your favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper
9. Your dream/goal? to be a mother!
10. What room you are in? I am at our bar, so half living room, half kitchen?
11. Your hobby? Scentsy!
12. Your fear? people I love dying );
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? a mom
14. Where were you last night? right here, and we watched the new Night at the museum
15. Something that you are not? quiet
16. Muffins? choc. chip!
17. Wish list item? a baby
18. Where you grew up? Fannett
19. Last thing you did? watched American Idol.
20. What are you wearing? Demagogue shirt
21. Your TV? expensive haha
22. Your pets? Josie, Cash, Murray
23. Friends? love them (:
24. Your life? amazing!
25. Your mood? exhausted
26. Missing someone? my family and friends
27. Car? Ford Explorer
28. Something you’re not wearing? bra- yep. I said it.
29. Your favorite store? Kohls
30. Your favorite color? purple
33. When is the last time you laughed? today
34. Last time you cried? Yesterday
35. Who will resend this? noone
36. One place that I go to over and over? work
37. One person who texts me regularly? Monique
38. My favorite place to eat? Zydeclaw
39. My favorite food? crawfish

Ok. I just realized I was supposed to answer in only one word!.. How does that make me feel? Stupid.


I had my bloodwork today for my thyroid and OH MY GOSH... it hurts! That's a first, and normally I can tolerate pain, but they stuck my arm, couldnt find a vein so PULLED BLOOD FROM MY HAND!! I am sure this is totally normal, but it burns like hell, and I have a hole in the top of my hand now and blood was squirting out the top like a oil well. No exaggeration.. well, maybe a little. Needless to say I need to drink more water- I am dehydrated. The doctor assumes anyways because of the whole "no vein" adventure. I beg to differ, bloated tummy and all.
I go in Thursday for my results, and to find out about my thyroid. I will say that once I lost the 10 lbs from my last post I have gained 3, lost 4, gained 2, lost 1, etc.. back to 10 still. This past year has been extrememly hard to lose weight. I am starving- all the time and don't care to eat grilled chicken and green beans when I get that hungry. I also have ZERO energy and don't feel great about myself. I am excited for Vegas, but am not excited for the size clothes I will be in, or even excited for how I look and feel. I get on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and I feel as if I have walked 5 miles to the snow.. uphill. You catch my drift.
Ready. for. results.!!!

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