Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursdays appt- not much to say );

Well I had my appt on Thursday and unfortunanetly there is not much to blog about. I was on day 9 of my cycle at that time, and somehow- someway I ovulated over the weekend and my left ovary had already collapsed. They did more blood work to confirm that and my hormones were where they should have been a week ago. Everything is backwards for me. Anyways, the doctor thinks that this month was not a good month to diagnose me with anything. I have to call back next month on day 3 of my cycle to start everything allllllllll over again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trying this out..

Ok, I plan on updating this often. I "plan" on it. I am the queen of starting really neat things and not following through. I have good intentions, but I get busy with other things and then forget. I think this will be a good place to update things that go on with Matt and I. If you don't know us and you are reading this, that is fine too. We have been married for 5 years, and been together 8. He is my soul mate, and I love him with all my heart. He makes me laugh, takes care of me, and I think he is the cats meow. RRRRMMEEOW! Haha.
We bought our first home together 2.5 years ago. I am super proud of the things we have accomplished together- we have come a longggg way in 8 years. His mom, sister and neice are living with us. As stressful as that sounds, I love them and am glad they are here. His family means alot to me.
Now on to the good stuff!!! This is personal stuff, so if you dont care to read on- its fine with me. I want to share this because I thought I was the only one who had problems until I started looking around on here. I know now that its actually normal and couples have problems trying to conceive all the time. I hope that someone reading this might feel the way I did when I read others- you are not alone. I am not trying to "air out my business" in any way but I really am just hoping that I help someone at some point.
Matt and I have been trying to have a baby ever since we got married. Things just werent working so my OBGYN told me that maybe he needed to get checked out since I was on "target" every month like I was supposed to be. He did, things were fine, actually really high count, and so I brought that information back to my doctor in October for my yearly. He told me in 2007 that if things were fine with Matt then he would prescribe me chlomid or metformin to make me ovulate. Well, when I went to my appt in October he did not prescribe me that, apparently wanted me to go see a Reproductive Endroconoligist .. AKA "Fertility Specialist" first. I balled my eyes out. I was thinking I would get put on this medication and just be magically pregnant by Christmas time. I was very frustrated. Around the same time, I was asked to be in my brother Matt's wedding. I was completely honored and decided to focus on this for a while instead of making a baby. Everyone always told me "quit trying to hard, you will get pregnant when you least expect it". Well, that no worky for me. We did quit trying, and I hit the gym hard and heavy, ate much better with the help of weight watchers and lost 50 lbs in time for his wedding, which was May 16th. I made my appt with Dr. Gill, a RE that a friend referred me to for May 14th. The first visit was a consultation. I gave him all of my records and we talked about Matt and I and why we might be having problems. He didnt like the way Matt's SA looked from September so he ordered another one, which was this past week. He also asked that I call him back on day 3 of my cycle so he could take a look at my ovaries, and to do blood to check my hormones. My cycle started on May 20th so I made my appt for Friday. Matt had his SA on Friday also, we just had to drop the cup off (imagine how we looked flying down the highway to get there within an hour with me with a cup in my shirt, trying to keep it warm). I had to go in Friday at 11 for the blood work and an ultra sound. The tech did not think I was on my cycle at all, and found a large cyst on my right ovary. I sort of expected that. When she called back that afternoon with my results she told me she didnt think I was truly on my period and that Dr. Gill wanted me to call back when I was. I told her that this was normal for me, i have had crazy cycles lately (some were even 19 days) and that it was what it was. She didnt know this was normal, then thought it might be the cyst throwing off the hormones and cycle each month. She called Dr. Gill back and now he wants to see me himself on Thursday for another ultra sound. She said he might want to put me on birth control to regulate everything. I trust him, but GEEZ. Are we taking 89 steps backwards getting on birth control??? Anyways, this is the most recent news, and I will update Thursday.

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