Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet the Joiners!

What in the world could be better than a Blog Give-away?? How about a Blog Give-away with an awesome prize! I am so excited to blog about Meet the Joiners Blog Give-away, and I hope that some of you go and enter yourself to win the awesome prize!

Read all about it here..

I have become a really big fan of this blog over the last few months because Amanda is just HILARIOUS, and so much fun to be around. I can always count on a real life “Laugh out loud” anytime she post anything, and I always look forward to new blog post. She is extremely personable, witty, and the kind of person you always want to be around because they really put you in a good mood regardless of what kind of day you are having. Everyone needs a friend like Amanda!

If you love her blog as much as I do, you should also check out this website..

Living Stones

Amanda’s husband is a pastor at Living Stones church, and she thinks he is just the cat’s meow! Check him out, he is pretty hot!

And so in honor of Twilight movie release day, and in honor of Amanda’s blog Give-away, I guess you can say I am “TEAM JOINER” today!

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