Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paranormal Activity

I love movies, and even more, I love scary movies. Even more than that, I love scary movies that could be real. So when I heard about this movie from my obsession with social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) I had to research and find out WHY I had not heard about this? Normally, I know the dates of all movies that are coming out that I am so excited about. I plan weekends around movie premiers. I found that this movie did little to NO advertising and was actually an independent film from a year or so ago. They previewed it to a "test audience" which consisted of teenage and college kids and the movie trailer that they used for youtube -and I don't remember ever seeing this on TV- was solely the reactions of the audience.. screaming, jumping, hiding their face, you get the picture. Obviously, I had to see it.
We went Friday night, got there a little early because we knew it would be packed. I am funny about my seating when I see scary movies in theaters. I do not want to sit somewhere where the whole theater can see me jump, because I am super jumpy and hate that. I found us a spot kind off lower, and off to the side and was super frustrated when in 5 minutes we were surrounded by annoying high school kids, all boys, who were loud,cocky, crude, hollering at people they knew/didn't know across the theater. Thank goodness they zipped it up when the movie started. I will not tell anything about the movie, other than it's about a couple, Micah and Katie, who have been experiencing some activity in their home. They buy a video camera so they can try to capture it on film and find out what is going on. Most of the movie takes place at night when they are sleeping. It was so scary, and they right when they say it was the "scariest movie of all time". It is very Blair Witch-ish as in, "Is it real", or "Is it fake?' But either way it scared me, Matt, and all the high school boys. The whole theater was jumping, people were screaming, and some lady had to leave with her toddler who was crying because she was so scared. Why was she there anyway? Late, Friday night, at the scariest movie of all time?
I will tell you that they had wood floors all throughout their house, and even on their stairs. Matt had been wanting to do our stairs, and after seeing this movie, not no, but HECK NO. Go see it!You will see why I could not pee alone when I got home, and why I let my ginormous dog sleep in my room that night, and why I was never so happy to see the sun come through my window bright and early on a Saturday morning.

Saturday with Family!

I had such a great day yesterday. It was so nice to take my mind off things, have a change of scenery, and visit family. I can honestly say I did not think about any infertility issues the entire day, with the exception of me taking my temp. early in the morning. I normally don't do that, but I am going to for a few months just to see if it's consistent.
Soooo, I got up early and tried out a new (new to me) macaroni and cheese recipe that I got out of the Sun Coast (the company I work for) cookbook. I wanted to bring it to my mom's house because she was making a ham, potato salad and green beans. Everything was so yummy! I heart my mom's cooking in a big way. I needed it after my emotional week. Sometimes you just need your mommy.
Isn't that picture adorable? That is my mom of course, and that is her puppy Bevo on the left, and my puppy Murray on the right. They are brothers, and had the biggest time playing together. Oh- and my step dad gave Matt the coolest shirt. His very first UT shirt!! I cannot believe he went straight to the bathroom and put it on. I said... "Who are you????". He is a HUGE OU fan, and so is his family, so you can see the importance and urgency of taking this picture ASAP..
We went to my brother and sister in laws after we left there and watched a little bit of the Texas Game. Once I felt comfortable that "we had it" and we were winning by quite a bit we headed home, but managed to get a few great shots in before we left.
What a great day! We even brought two dogs with us and they were on their best behavior. Love Saturdays!!! I can't wait until the next one because it's HALLOWEEN! Their will be a special post/pictures for this one of course. Have a great day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bubble bath, a book, and Wine.. Oh my!

I thought about these three things pretty much half the day. The other half I spent bawling my eyes out because I started my cycle this morning, which means I am not pregnant, and the only insurance paid round of clomid did not work. Booo. I will put this the least depressing way I can, because the last thing I want is for anyone to feel sorry for me, or to bring anyone down, but I am pretty dissapointed. I have been testing everyday since Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday nights I got a very faint positive. It was there- Matt and I both saw it. It was light, but we looked at it a million times and we both saw it. Then last night, I decided to try a different brand, and it was negative. I cried then, and then had somewhat a bit of hope that there might be something there because I was still very nauseous. And then I started at work this morning, bright and early-and right on time might I add- and all I remember was someone set me off with an indirect comment- and I know nothing was meant by it- and the next thing I know I am having a melt down in my boss's office and my eyes are still swollen and puffy. Thank goodness she is wonderful and understanding, because I felt like a idiot, but really, she was so great about it. I am the most upset because of all the dang symptoms that are so misleading. I knew it could have been the medicine the whole time, I just didnt see how it could still be the medicine this week when I had heart burn, gagging while brushing my teeth, sick ever morning until 11am, STARVING. I figured that shot would have been way out of my system by then. Maybe not, who knows.
So now we move on. We are talking about different options because going ahead with the same route is pretty much out of the question, unless we save for a while and then try again, but like I said in my previous blogs, the same treatment I did this month will be $900 a month going forward and that does not include medication. Do I start saving for this, or do I take a step back and go to the new obgyn and let her take a look at my history? I am sure she could do the same things he does, and at a friendlier rate. Or do I try this "natural doctor" at work that other girls have seen? He regulates hormones and tells my coworkers to make sure they are taking birth control because if not they will be pregnant within a few months. Not sure which road to take. I am sad that I am not pregnant, but I know that the clomid/trigger shot got us closer than we have ever been, and that is comforting. I know God has a plan for us, and this month just wasnt it. I am ready for "our month".

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well that was a fun few days!!

Let me start by telling you that the Ovidrel shot made me sick and nauseous for about 3 days straight. Today it is not so bad but the past few days I have felt like I would get sick at any moment. Also, since it is the "HCG pregnancy hormone" that is in the shot, you can take a pregnancy test and test positive the first few days after the shot. Doesn't mean you are pregnant- just that the hormone is in your system from the injection.
I did it of course, just to see what it looked like to have a positive pregnancy test, because I have taken 57 million of them in the last 5 years and have seen nothing but one line. So that was fun!!
We have done everything we could do, and every time we could do it-if you know what I mean- and now we just wait. I don't know if I actually ever ovulated. I know from reading online what to expect from that- and always thought I was ovulating before I was diagnosed with PCOS and found that I wasn't ovulating at all- so maybe I did and I did not pick up on the signs. I know lots of people that use charting and temps to track this, but my temps are all over the place. I can't do this first thing in the morning like they say to because I wake up each day sweating and hot so I don't think that would be accurate. I do normally take my temp when I am kind of in a calm, relaxing state, like when I am watching TV or something, and it has been a lot higher than normal. As in- it has been 99.5 instead of 97.9.
Again, could just be the shot.
I have had a nice weekend so far. We went and saw Couples Retreat yesterday.
It was hilarious!!! I love Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Malin Ackerman, Kristin Bell, and of course Kristin Davis from Sex and the City! It was about infertility of all things! One of the main couples decides to go on this couples retreat because they want to get divorced because they can't have a baby. Maybe all she needed was clomid!! LOL!
Anyways, I got a text from my step dad yesterday and he asked if Matt and I wanted to go to the UT-Kansas game on 11-21 with him!! DO we? Of course we do! I was so excited. Here I thought that I just missed my chance because of my medicines to go with my brothers and then this happens. Super excited! Now we gotta get my sweet hubby some burnt orange to wear! Definitely will have pictures of that since he is just a huge OU fan!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clomid!!! Part 2

I had my appt. yesterday to see how the clomid worked for me. Yesterday was Cycle day 14 and I have been having crampies and twinges ever since I started the clomid. I knew something was going on, and I couldn't wait for that ultra sound with my favorite "wand" to find out what it was. I did my blood work first, and then went on to Room #1 where I know the drill by now. .My fave nurse came in and she got to probing and went to my right ovary first.. BAM.. one mature follicle at 16 mm (a smidge small), and one still small follicle at 10 mm. Then she went to my left ovary.. BAM.. TWO beautiful mature follicles.. one 20 mm and one 21 mm. They were perfect, and she said that I/my body responded well to the clomid. The only other time I had any follicles was the one month (july?) that there was one that was almost 31mm, which was too big to do anything with , and we had 3 great ones this time. YAY!
She called me back with my blood results, which were great, and told me to take my Trigger shot tonight at 6:30 pm, and then we Baby Dance 3 times in the next 36 hours, and yes, she told me the exact times that this needed to happen. I start the Progesterone on Sunday evening and should be able to test in the next few weeks!
I am happy with all of this, but at the same time, I am really trying not to get my hopes up.
If this works, obviously I would be ecstatic, but if not at least we know we are in the right direction, and closer now than we have ever been!
Back to the shot-my sweet Matt gave me my shot tonight in my tummy. It's been chillin' in the fridge for a week now, next to the butter of course.
Matt asked if he could have a running start, lol. I told him no of course, and when he did it I didn't even feel a thing! I hate shots and needles but this one was no problemo.
In other news, I was supposed to go with my brothers this weekend to the UT/Colorado game. I was so excited, and couldn't wait ( I even bought me a new UT shirt to wear and it had bling on it, ok.. well I probably would have gotten it anyways) but with all this going on I didn't think I would be able to, and I guess I am glad I didn't make plans to go. I am sad of course, never been to see my favorite team play, and would love the chance to hang out with Matt, Kim, and Seth, but everything happens for a reason. Maybe next year- if I don't have 6 babies of course (:

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