Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well that was a fun few days!!

Let me start by telling you that the Ovidrel shot made me sick and nauseous for about 3 days straight. Today it is not so bad but the past few days I have felt like I would get sick at any moment. Also, since it is the "HCG pregnancy hormone" that is in the shot, you can take a pregnancy test and test positive the first few days after the shot. Doesn't mean you are pregnant- just that the hormone is in your system from the injection.
I did it of course, just to see what it looked like to have a positive pregnancy test, because I have taken 57 million of them in the last 5 years and have seen nothing but one line. So that was fun!!
We have done everything we could do, and every time we could do it-if you know what I mean- and now we just wait. I don't know if I actually ever ovulated. I know from reading online what to expect from that- and always thought I was ovulating before I was diagnosed with PCOS and found that I wasn't ovulating at all- so maybe I did and I did not pick up on the signs. I know lots of people that use charting and temps to track this, but my temps are all over the place. I can't do this first thing in the morning like they say to because I wake up each day sweating and hot so I don't think that would be accurate. I do normally take my temp when I am kind of in a calm, relaxing state, like when I am watching TV or something, and it has been a lot higher than normal. As in- it has been 99.5 instead of 97.9.
Again, could just be the shot.
I have had a nice weekend so far. We went and saw Couples Retreat yesterday.
It was hilarious!!! I love Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Malin Ackerman, Kristin Bell, and of course Kristin Davis from Sex and the City! It was about infertility of all things! One of the main couples decides to go on this couples retreat because they want to get divorced because they can't have a baby. Maybe all she needed was clomid!! LOL!
Anyways, I got a text from my step dad yesterday and he asked if Matt and I wanted to go to the UT-Kansas game on 11-21 with him!! DO we? Of course we do! I was so excited. Here I thought that I just missed my chance because of my medicines to go with my brothers and then this happens. Super excited! Now we gotta get my sweet hubby some burnt orange to wear! Definitely will have pictures of that since he is just a huge OU fan!


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