Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paranormal Activity

I love movies, and even more, I love scary movies. Even more than that, I love scary movies that could be real. So when I heard about this movie from my obsession with social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) I had to research and find out WHY I had not heard about this? Normally, I know the dates of all movies that are coming out that I am so excited about. I plan weekends around movie premiers. I found that this movie did little to NO advertising and was actually an independent film from a year or so ago. They previewed it to a "test audience" which consisted of teenage and college kids and the movie trailer that they used for youtube -and I don't remember ever seeing this on TV- was solely the reactions of the audience.. screaming, jumping, hiding their face, you get the picture. Obviously, I had to see it.
We went Friday night, got there a little early because we knew it would be packed. I am funny about my seating when I see scary movies in theaters. I do not want to sit somewhere where the whole theater can see me jump, because I am super jumpy and hate that. I found us a spot kind off lower, and off to the side and was super frustrated when in 5 minutes we were surrounded by annoying high school kids, all boys, who were loud,cocky, crude, hollering at people they knew/didn't know across the theater. Thank goodness they zipped it up when the movie started. I will not tell anything about the movie, other than it's about a couple, Micah and Katie, who have been experiencing some activity in their home. They buy a video camera so they can try to capture it on film and find out what is going on. Most of the movie takes place at night when they are sleeping. It was so scary, and they right when they say it was the "scariest movie of all time". It is very Blair Witch-ish as in, "Is it real", or "Is it fake?' But either way it scared me, Matt, and all the high school boys. The whole theater was jumping, people were screaming, and some lady had to leave with her toddler who was crying because she was so scared. Why was she there anyway? Late, Friday night, at the scariest movie of all time?
I will tell you that they had wood floors all throughout their house, and even on their stairs. Matt had been wanting to do our stairs, and after seeing this movie, not no, but HECK NO. Go see it!You will see why I could not pee alone when I got home, and why I let my ginormous dog sleep in my room that night, and why I was never so happy to see the sun come through my window bright and early on a Saturday morning.


Marla.z said...

I love movies like this! Unfortunately, my hubby hates them, I mean, HATES them. Seriously, he gets FURIOUS at me when I try to make him watch them with me. I think it's romantic (crazy, right?) But he literally won't talk to me if I make him watch one and it gets too scary.

Last night, we tried to watch Rest Stop 2. Too corny for me. I really want to see Paranormal. And I think watching it in the theater is the best and only way to watch a movie like this. Too bad for me, cause it's not going to happen. Thanks for the review, though.

PS. Following you on twitter.

Heather said...

Thanks for the comment (; Maybe you can trick him and tell him that you are going to see an action movie, Hahaha. Well, maybe not.

liberalgranolagirl said...

Ok, I might have to see this movie. I'm sure that my DH would LOVE to see it. We both LOVE scary movies!

BTW, I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Check out my blog for the rules :)

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