Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday with Family!

I had such a great day yesterday. It was so nice to take my mind off things, have a change of scenery, and visit family. I can honestly say I did not think about any infertility issues the entire day, with the exception of me taking my temp. early in the morning. I normally don't do that, but I am going to for a few months just to see if it's consistent.
Soooo, I got up early and tried out a new (new to me) macaroni and cheese recipe that I got out of the Sun Coast (the company I work for) cookbook. I wanted to bring it to my mom's house because she was making a ham, potato salad and green beans. Everything was so yummy! I heart my mom's cooking in a big way. I needed it after my emotional week. Sometimes you just need your mommy.
Isn't that picture adorable? That is my mom of course, and that is her puppy Bevo on the left, and my puppy Murray on the right. They are brothers, and had the biggest time playing together. Oh- and my step dad gave Matt the coolest shirt. His very first UT shirt!! I cannot believe he went straight to the bathroom and put it on. I said... "Who are you????". He is a HUGE OU fan, and so is his family, so you can see the importance and urgency of taking this picture ASAP..
We went to my brother and sister in laws after we left there and watched a little bit of the Texas Game. Once I felt comfortable that "we had it" and we were winning by quite a bit we headed home, but managed to get a few great shots in before we left.
What a great day! We even brought two dogs with us and they were on their best behavior. Love Saturdays!!! I can't wait until the next one because it's HALLOWEEN! Their will be a special post/pictures for this one of course. Have a great day!


Marla.z said...

Ugh! Cycle charting! Just started doing that too a couple of months ago. I'm one of the rare that does not get a distinct temp change on O-day. Can't anything go right ??

As for UT, sorry. We are PENN STATE!! (Just had to throw that in there....)

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