Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had my bloodwork today for my thyroid and OH MY GOSH... it hurts! That's a first, and normally I can tolerate pain, but they stuck my arm, couldnt find a vein so PULLED BLOOD FROM MY HAND!! I am sure this is totally normal, but it burns like hell, and I have a hole in the top of my hand now and blood was squirting out the top like a oil well. No exaggeration.. well, maybe a little. Needless to say I need to drink more water- I am dehydrated. The doctor assumes anyways because of the whole "no vein" adventure. I beg to differ, bloated tummy and all.
I go in Thursday for my results, and to find out about my thyroid. I will say that once I lost the 10 lbs from my last post I have gained 3, lost 4, gained 2, lost 1, etc.. back to 10 still. This past year has been extrememly hard to lose weight. I am starving- all the time and don't care to eat grilled chicken and green beans when I get that hungry. I also have ZERO energy and don't feel great about myself. I am excited for Vegas, but am not excited for the size clothes I will be in, or even excited for how I look and feel. I get on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and I feel as if I have walked 5 miles to school....in the snow.. uphill. You catch my drift.
Ready. for. results.!!!


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