Monday, July 20, 2009

Leave it to me..

To produce a HUGE follicle that is way to big to do anything with!!

Haha, I will start from the beginning in regards to today's appt. I brought Matt with me- I thought it might be neat for him to see what all goes on and see why I get so excited/ pissed off sometimes. Anyways, I have had huge side cramps really low for the past two days. Throbbing, almost painful. I thought maybe that was the big "O" (ovulation). Well, I guessed right. According to my blood results and my ultrasound, I have not yet ovulated this month. That is good, this is day 13 so it would have been a little early. I did have two tiny follicles remaining on the left side, and one HUGE, ENORMOUS, follicle on the right side. It measured at 31mm, which is about 10 mm higher than they like it to be. They say a good egg comes from a follicle between 18 and 21 mm. As I said.. leave it to me!
My blood indicated I am a raging hormonal piece of work. Level was 41 on day 3 (normal) and it should have gone up, but it was a little over 400!!! Wayyy too high. The good news is that she told me that we at least have answers and when I meet with the dr. for my final consultation (before treatment) he will be able to pin point and get me going in the right direction. I was ok with that, huge follicle or not, at least we are moving in the RIGHT direction. That appointment is not until August 3rd, so I will be sure to post about other things until then!!!


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