Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

Yeehaw and Happy Friday! This here Flashback Friday post is brought to you in Humble, Texas, just a few weeks before the Rodeo with good ol' cowgirl style!

This cowgirl is not a riding horse kind of cowgirl, but a cloggin', square dancin' kind of cowgirl!
Also, this cowgirl does not even like  Country Music (in the least) ,is pretty scared of horses, and can barely scrounge together a "western" themed outfit for an annual "Go Texan Day" each year here in Houston, Texas.

This cowgirl likes to shake her booty to Black-Eyed Peas, anything with a funky beat from the 80's or 90's, but had the privilege of wearing this little number at my dance recital circa 1992 when I was in 8th grade.

Flashback Friday Fun Facts:
1. I was the tallest, oldest (by far) girl in this clogging class.
2. I never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy at this age, and couldn't figure out why. YM and Seventeen magazine both promised me this would happen soon.
3. Gluing red sequins around this cowboy/girl hat was just what this outfit needed.
4. This clogging dance was danced to the tune of "That's what I like about you" by Tricia Yearwood.
5. Shiny panthose still rock my socks.
6. My parents still have this sweet, sweet outfit in their attic.
7. I would totally take a clogging class again if I could find one in my area!

Happy Friday, folks!!


The Joiners said...

HA love this!! First of all, I had totally forgotten about YM - loved that magazine. Second, this pose looks like you are are squeezing out a fart- ha!! Thanks for keeping me entertained each week :)

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