Friday, January 25, 2013

Whose idea was it?

  1. Whose idea was it to have school pictures made posing this way?
  2. Whose idea was it for this flower garden onesie to be in style?
  3. Whose idea was it to start a trend with big bangs, curling irons, and Rave hairspray?
Wow! I was lucky to make it out of this awkward phase, that's for sure, but this would be one of those photos I would love to re-create. If only I could find a flower garden onesie.. !

Happy Flashback Friday!


The Joiners said...

That was so sweet of your parents to let you turn their living room curtains into a dress!

Ha, love this- your Flashback Friday pics make my day every time!

the blogivers said...

Ha to Amanda's comment! I think you were rockin' the flowers, the hair, AND the sassy pose ;)

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