Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Flashback Friday

Well, hello! I am sticking to my guns and updating my blog weekly, so here is my week at a glance, and then I will share with you a hideous picture of me that will serve as my 2nd ever "Flashback Friday" photo..

Sunday- I hung out with my brother, Kim, Sophie and Karsen, and some of their friends. My bro cooked a delicious meal and we hung out and watched football.. great, lazy day! We went to a later dinner at Twin Peaks (Matt's choice) and then watched the Biggest Loser! I was crying my eyes out 5 minutes into it.

Monday- I won an NFL Jersey of my choice!! I played head to head in Fantasy football in the Championship game against one of my best girls and I ended up winning.. She won a gift card for winning 2nd runner up, and I got to pick out a jersey. I of course picked JJ Watt, and picked up the jersey on Monday.. How do you like this selfie?

That's my " I love to get free jerseys" face.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty uneventful! I did Facetime with Sophie last night so that was fun. She is soo cute! I was talking to her and she started saying "Matt, Matt, MATT!" so I turned the camera around to him on the other couch so he could talk to her, and she then she started saying my name. I think she prefers when we sit together so she can just holler at the dogs. LOL! Love that sweet girl.

Today I helped out with a baby shower at work that had a great turn out and was lots of fun! So excited for Teddy and Austin, and can't wait to meet Baby Parker!

So back to Flashback Friday- Remember when it was cool to be a "baby" every year for Halloween? Well, for some reason I was a baby every year for Halloween for all of my middle school years. I have no idea why but it was the thing to go.
Now, while I am certain this was just an excuse to walk around in my jammies with a bunny rabbit and a lollipop, I have no idea why I had to go the extra mile to put red lipstick circles on my face. Scary!

Have a great weekend and GO TEXANS! Yours truly will be sporting that cute new jersey this weekend! (:


The Joiners said...

HA love both of those pics, but especially the baby one! I sure hope Colby and Clara don't have cheeks that rosy... I might be concerned if they do :) Have a fab weekend!

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