Friday, January 4, 2013

Flashback Friday!

Happy Friday! 

In honor of the Cotton Bowl tonight (A&M vs. OU) I thought it would be great to post this little blast from the past.

Super cool things about this image:

1. It's apparently true that I have been a Longhorn fan my entire life.
2. I am even cute when I make demon eyes.
3. The fellow (not sure who it is) closet to the camera might or might not be wearing pants.. you be the judge.

Good luck to both teams playing tonight! The Aggies have had a great year, and I am pretty glad we didn't play each other in our traditional Thanksgiving game. That would have been embarrassing!
With Matt's family being the die hard Sooner fans.. I have no choice but to say "Boomer Sooner" just for today!

Have a great day!


the blogivers said...

I agree that you were a cutie, but I can't say I'm a fan of what your hand is doing in that pic ;) Gig 'em!

Also, I say that fellow is without pants. Creeper.

The Joiners said...

Ditto to what Allison said :) You almost look like a hardcore rock music concert attendee rather than a child throwing up a "hook 'em!" Please keep these flashbacks coming!

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