Monday, December 31, 2012

One down!

Hey there! I knocked one off my list yesterday! Right after I posted my 35 before 35 list, Matt and I went to eat lunch at Italiano's, one of our favorite resturants in this area. Matt spotted a man and his son, who looked to be about 8 or 9, eating alone and before they ate their food they held hands and prayed, which I think is wonderful. It was so sweet, and this was one of the items on my list that I was super anxious to achieve, so we asked the waitress to put their food items on our reciept and we would take care of the bill, and asked her not to say anything but to tell them "Happy New Year". I did not want to take a photo of them while they were eating (since I recently was busted taking a photo of a man in Wal Mart who did not look in the mirror before he left the house) so I took a picture of the reciept. I plan on doing this one again- it felt so great!!

So, one thing is done!!

1.Get a massage

2.Go to a Texans game
3.Buy lunch for a stranger
4.Go to Lakewood Church
5.Go see the Nutcracker Ballet
6.Reach my goal weight (the exact number will be updated later)
7.Get fitted for shoes and purchase them at Luke's locker
8.Run a 5k
9.Buy a Canon Rebel camera
10.Get my wedding rings sized and sautered
11.Have a slumber party for my neices and nephews
12.Send a message in a bottle
13.Go to a musical/ play
14.Visit New Orleans!
15.Go to brunch at the House of Blues
16.Kiss Matt under the stars at the beach
17.Get a manicure/ pedicure
18.Have an allergy test done ( I have HORRIBLE allergies!)
19.Bake a cake from scratch
20.Paint our home office
21.Take a Zumba class
22.Watch The Princess Bride with Matt (he has been trying to get me to watch it forever)
23.Go to a dermatologist
24.Do the Advocare 24 day challenge
25.Have a dinner party
26.Send out Christmas Cards
27.Make a Pinterest inspired craft
28.Blog at least once a week
29.Complete the 'Couch to 5k program'
30.Take the dogs to the beach
31.Get a passport
32.Read a new series of books
33.Grow my own vegetables (don't get excited- it will probably just be tomatoes or cucumbers, haha)
34.Go see the Spazmatics
35.Subscribe to a new magazine

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! We are on our way to the gym for a head start (:


The Joiners said...

So sweet- what a great idea, and I'm glad you already had the chance to do it!!

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