Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Week in Great Detail (Day 26)

This will be super hard now that I did not do this post when I should have, when it was fresh on my brain, but I will try.
Sunday- drove back from the River, ate chicken spaghetti at Nicole's moms house when picking up Khloe, got home, loved on my dogs, went to Best Buy to return FloTV because it sucks, got home, ate ice cream and watched True Blood with my love.
Monday- play catch up at work from being out on Friday. Fell asleep early when I got home. Matt started a new basketball league at church so I dropped him off on the way home, and then had to go pick him up when he was done, at 9pm.
Tuesday, worked, went to lunch with a Vendor, worked more, brought co-worker out to eat. Matt worked late and I watched a double header of Glee.
Wednesday- See previous post!
Thursday- Worked, ate DQ again since it was soo delicious on Wednesday, came home from work, Matt played basketball again and I cleaned and did laundry.
Friday- Worked, came home and watched The final Destination, waited for Matt to come home, went to Wal-Mart for baby gift.
Saturday-TODAY- Went to bank, went to friends at work's son's football game, went to Party City to get helium tank for a friend's baby shower. Blew up balloons when we got to the shower early, baby shower (Won the poopie diaper game), came home and took a nap, cleaned my downstairs, fell really hard on the concrete outside, ate concrete, have huge road burn going down my right leg (anxious to see if I will be able to move tomorrow), went to eat dinner with friends at Gingiss Grill, went and saw Vampires Suck.


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