Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Hobby of Mine (Day 20)

Sorry I have been MIA.. I have been at floating in a tube down the Guadalupe River.. TONS OF FUN! I am home now and ready to get back on track.. so I owe you three blogs... HERE GOES!
My hobby is... I love everything shopping.. from malls, to outlet malls, to grocery stores to Trade Days to Flea Markets.. I am there. I don't *have* to buy anything, as I am happy window shopping and looking around. I just think it's to fun to look for different things, new things I haven't seen..


Aimee said...

Girl, shopping is like a disease for me. I'm serious. I can't quit thinking about it if I don't at least go look sometimes. I think I need some meds to help decrease the shopping hormone :-)

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