Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Favorite Song (Day 1)

I have a few... so here goes..

"What's Going on".. 4 Non-Blondes

"Din Da Da" ... George Kranz (Yeah, don't even ask. I spent 15 years of my life trying to find the name of this song, that I heard in 8th grade. I finally found it last year thanks to my stepdad who knew exactly what song I was talking about. I spent all that time singing it to the guys at Camelot, FYE, and every other music store and they had no idea what I was singing. Anyways, I LOVE IT!

And although there are more, this one reminds me of my sweet husband. I love him so much, and thank God everyday for bringing him into my life. He is my everything. He makes me laugh when I am in the worst of moods, and I know we are in this together. I love you Matt.


Amaprincess said...

Whats Going On HAS TO BE MY MOST HATED SONG EVER!!!!!! I love By your side thought =)

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