Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Art Piece (Day 17)

Once upon a time (a few months ago really) Matt and I went to Hobby Lobby for scrap booking stuff for our Vegas trip. We got a little sidetracked (totally normal) and bought canvases and paints because we were going to each make a painting. It was a Saturday, we had zero plans, and we were right in the middle of watching a Season of the Office, so how perfect would that be? I threw down some old sheets in front of the TV , we got some ideas of what we were going to do.. and looky what my husband did.
Pretty Amazing!! He was looking at a picture in Slam Magazine, and together with his love of the game, this is what he came up with. My lil' Picasso.


Monique :) said...

Lol, I've never really got a chance to ask this (because I wasn't thinkin it at the time): but why doesn't he have hair??! lol

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