Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Makin' Latest

Sooo... I got the 6 vials of blood, bloodwork done on August 5th. Yep, you are right, it has almost been a month. Where did the time go?
Dr. B's sweet nurse (being sarcastic) is to thank for that. I called, and called and called and called to get my results, and when finally someone was able to locate me in system, she tells me "Oh my, you are going to need to speak with a nurse".. I freaked out, naturally.
Once sweet nurse finally returns my call, she tells me she can't release my information until the doctor reviews it.
Fast forward another week, to last Thursday, when she finally calls me back to tell me that Dr. B would really just like to meet with me to discuss my results, and helped me make an appointment for this coming up Thursday. Which is right at 4 weeks.
Wow. I hope they don't work this way if I get pregnant and want to have blood work done to verify, or gosh knows what else may come our way, test-wise.
So needless to say, the ovary scraping, throbbing, and numbing pain I have been experienceing, and all the baby dancing goin' on, will probably be interrupted by stress from, "Oh my, you are going to need to speak with a nurse."


Aimee said...

Think positive! What if she wants to talk to you because you have super high HCG and suspects twins? Wouldn't you be beside yourself? Fingers crossed for you!

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