Tuesday, March 19, 2013

13. Go to a Musical/Play

Yay for knocking #13 off my list!
3.Buy lunch for a stranger

7.Get fitted for shoes and purchase them at Luke's locker

9. Buy a Canon Rebel camera

13. Go to a musical/play

14. Visit New Orleans
My adorable little cousin, Emily, is super talented and does a few plays throughout the year through TUTS and at the Applause Theater so whenever I heard she had one coming up I bought tickets so that we could go cheer her on, and as a bonus I could knock another item off my list!
Emily actually had the lead in this play! She played a recent grad named Hope, whose father is the senator of a town who charged underprivileged folks to go to the bathroom. Of course, her character falls in love with one of those folks so she (SPOILER ALERT) teams up with the town to change things around in "Urinetown". There were lots of cute songs about peeing, and since bathroom humor is hilarious to me, I enjoyed it and laughed pretty hard.
Thankfully, the big star of the show was available for some photos after her big performance!

Such a good time!
Also, I would like to think that Emily's debut as a performer was on March 27, 2004 whenever she was the BEST FLOWER GIRL in the world!
Look at this cuteness..
What a doll- love this sweet girl, and her mom, dad, and brothers (Andrew not pictured) are pretty cool too.


The Joiners said...

I want to go to a show with songs about pee!!

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