Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mules and Styx

A few weekends ago we went to my step-dad's 50th birthday party! Mike (Mule is his nickname) is a GREAT guy, and would do anything in the world for anyone. He is such a great match for my mom and I am so happy they have found each other.
Mule is quite the BBQ chef- he actually has a seasoning and BBQ sauce out that he makes that would knock your socks off! It's called "Shake your Mule" and it's amazing, and my husband eats it on everything, so you can imagine my excitement when he grilled steaks, chicken, ribs, and sausages for everyone on HIS birthday!!
Such a fun day!

Mule's precious cake, and I swear my mom sent me home with 1/4 of it.

The cake table, I wanted to tear into one of those cupcakes SO badly!!

My beautiful mom and her handsome "Mule".

Matt and his mom, Linda. She had a great day running the roads with us!
So while we were visiting with my mom and Mike,  Mike mentioned he had extra Styx tickets for the rodeo that was taking place the very night next. Now, most folks know that I am not a country music person, so looking at the normal line up for the Houston Livestock and Rodeo music enternainment, I am most likely going to fight crowds for whatever the alternative/pop/rock concerts may be. When they made the big reveal for the lineup for this year's rodeo, and I heard that Styx was going I immediately knew we would have to go to that one. I bought tickets from a co-worker, and Matt ended up giving them to one of his customer's because some other tickets he had promised him had not come in yet. I was a little devastated, but when Mike extended the sweet invitation for us to go with them I was THRILLED!
You may be asking yourself.. "Self, what does Styx sing? I don't think I have ever heard of them so why is she so excited?" Let me assure you that you have heard of them, so just to name a few..


Ohh, you say, now I know who they are! You are welcome (;
And, our seats were SO close!!! We were literally on the 6th row from the ground in the action seats, and my super cool new camera and mega lens captured these great pics..
 The words for "Come Sail Away" up on the board.. This made singing at the top of my lungs much less complicated. Matt, in turn, appreciated my singing so loudly.
 Rockin' out!
SO AWESOME!! We had the best time, and are so excited that my mom and Mike invited us to go with them.
Mom, Mike- thank you so much for always being so wonderful! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents and love you so much!!


The Joiners said...

Sweet mom and sweet mule! Glad y'all had fun celebrating x 2 :)

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