Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hey there! I am headed out of town for New Orleans (again) for Easter so I wanted to share a few pictures from Easters of the past before I left!

1 of 4 Winners of the Easter Bonnet decorating contest in Kindergarten; thank you Mom! My bonnet was too cool for school but Nathan on the far left had a "fishing" hat..Nuff said.

Early to rise on Easter morning to see what the Easter Bunny brought! Looks like it was lots and lots of goodies!

Easter Bunny lovin'..
I hope that everyone has a fantastic Easter and that the Easter bunny leaves lots and lots of Reese's Eggs for my friends and loved ones!


The Joiners said...

Love this! I hope you'll be sporting a bonnet in New Orleans for Easter, too :) And AMEN to the Reese's eggs!

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