Saturday, June 5, 2010

What happens in Vegas..

Stays in Vegas right? The only thing I would love to bring back to Texas is that delicious food!
We had a blast in Vegas, but were glad to go home. Here is a little break down of each day we were there. NOTE: Next time will probably only be a 3 day trip, not 6. What was I thinking?
Friday: Not in Vegas yet, but we left work a half a day and went to get a few last minute things at the mall. I got my hair did, highlighted, Matt got his hair did, and we got a few shirts for the trip. On the way home we got pulled over and got a ticket because our registration sticker was (and still is I might add) out. Booo!
Who get's a ticket right before Vegas? I just knew I would win money at that point.
Saturday, early, 2am-ish.. : Couldn't sleep, weather was horrible, no electricity, cell phone died, horrible tooth ache, I am talking horrible as in I wanted to pull a Castaway and yank it out with an ice skate. If only I had an ice skate..
4am- Wide awake at this point, put some vanilla extract on my tooth and it seemed to help. Got Matt up and we headed to Hobby Airport to catch our flight for 9am. (Side note: We live down the street from Intercontinental airport, literally down the street, but Southwest airlines had so many better deals that we couldn't pass up.)
We got to Vegas at 10am Vegas time, which was about a 3 hour flight, and we went straight to our hotel. Our friends Josh and Nicole met up with us as soon as we got to the hotel so we took off to go find the rest of the gang
.. My brothers, sister in law, her sister, and my cousin, and our friend Juice. We all bought our tickets to see Peep Show that night with Holly Madison, and Matt and I went to eat a buffet at Planet Hollywood with Josh and Nicole. Then, we went to the new Aria Hotel and I won $200!!!! I was sooo excited!!! I cashed out and bought me a new Coach purse, obviously. Anyways, we went to see Peep Show that night and it was good. It was really cool seeing Holly Madison.
She didnt have a huge part in the show, but it was just awesome seeing her in person. She is tiny of course, and absolutely beautiful. And in case you were wondering, she does "take it all off". My hubby didn't complain, haha.
Sunday we met up with everyone for breakfast, and then Matt and I hung out with Seth and Juice all day at the Bellagio because they were leaving that night. I hated to see them go.. we just got there! That night we went to Aria with Matt and Kim and then just hung out back at our room.
Monday morning we went to the Aria's breakfast buffet. Let me just tell you that this was the best food I have ever eaten in my life. It was sooo good! And it was very reasonable. It was only $14.99 per person, and it was so worth it. After this we went to the outlet mall and that is where I got my Coach purse. Matt found some size 16 Nike basketball shoes so he was very excited too. We also got sucked into this "magic" thing called Mr. Fuzzy. It looked so neat, but I am thinking the sales girl was scamming us because it had a string attached to it, and the magic of it was that it looked like it was alive.
That night we went to the Old School Vegas and it was very neat! None of us had been before so it was an experience. We ate the dinner buffet at the Golden Nugget and watched a little bit of the light show.

Tuesday we ate the same breakfast buffet again. It was THAT good! Matt and I went and checked out Mandalay Bay and the Luxor. Both awesome hotels! We went to the Bodies ( where the people donate their bodies to science) exhibit that was at the Luxor hotel and it was just ok. I didn't LOVE it, but for $70 I probably would have just held on to my money. I wouldn't do it again.
That night we went to see Zumanity again. We went last year and LOVED IT! It was just as good, if not better this year.
Wednesday our group left us!! We ate lunch at Pink's Hot dogs. I saw on Twitter how Holly Madison and Kim Kardashian love it and have their own hot dogs there so I thought it would be cool to eat there. It was pretty good!
We ate that night at the hotel and I met one of the guys from Zumanity that night! I got my pic taken with him.

Lots of walking, gambling, and eating, and we had a blast and loved every minute of it. Whenever we got home I just knew I had gained at least 10 lbs but I had lost 2 lbs!! I love you Synthroid! It also didn't hurt that I could barely open my mouth because of the tooth ache for the first 3 days. (:


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