Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This and that..

Lots going on!

I will try to touch on everything, as I have been a terrible blogger lately, but we have really been busy. I know.. EXCUSES, EXCUSES..

Anywho- here goes!

Matt's birthday was June 16th, and we had a romantic night deep in the heart of the Galleria. I surprised him with a stay at St. Regis hotel, at which I got a really great deal via priceline.com. Gotta love that priceline. It was a $200 room and I got it for $75 plus their fee of course, but it was still half off. The room was beautiful, granite, fully loaded bar with candy bars, chips, liquer, etc. The bath tub was huge, complete with two robes with slippers (which we tried out, obviously) and the staff came by the room around 7:30 pm that night and brought us some water bottles, an ice bucket, and a nifty card that told what the weather would be like the next day. Only downfall, to me, and I just hate paying for this anywhere, was the PARKING. First, we had to valet, no other choices there, and of course you tip them, and have to wait for your car whenever you are going and coming, and second they charged us $30 to park at the hotel overnight. OMG!!!! $30!!! I wasn't trying to be cheap because it was my honey's birthday, but my goodness. We did have a great time though, and we hit the Galleria of course (great sale at Bath and Body Works), checked out the new Lego store, and ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We brought our cheesecake back to the room for dessert, and it was YUMMY!!!
This past weekend my brothers, sister in law, niece, brother's girlfriend and her son all came to stay with us. We had a BLAST!!! We went to the Zoo, took them to our favorite Italian spot in Humble, and even went to the Woodlands for some really good shopping. Oh, how I heart my family, and wish I could see them more. I did not want them to leave, but they promised they would be back soon, and I am holding them to that (:
And now for the reason you are probably here.. the baby making update! I know what you are thinking, "Just get to the good stuff!".. haha..
I am on my 3rd month of Synthroid, and since I have had 2 cycles, which have been right on time, to the day. The first visit from AF (Aunt Flo) came while we were in Vegas, and I was shocked, but excited. I was certain it was the medicine, and still am 100% certain that the medicine is to thank for the timely cycles. If you have read my blog back from when I started, you know that I do not start on my own, and have only started my period or had a period with the help of Provera in the past. So- YAY for Synthroid, and again I am at 88 mcg per day. The 2nd cycle came right on time, 28 days from the first one, and that just amazes me. I will tell you, and this is TMI so if you don't want to know then don't keep reading, but these two cycles have been the heaviest I have ever had, like ever. This last one, yep, 14 days!!!! And there was nothing light about it. I finally had to call the doctor, who told me to stop taking the Synthroid if it didn't stop soon but it did that next day so I am assuming I am not dying. I get my blood work done soon for my thyroid and they will be able to tell if my T3 and T4 are both working. If not, I will have to change meds. I didn't "chart" any the first cycle because I was in Vegas, and not prepared for any of that, but I did use Ovulation sticks. I was a little confused because the line was allllllllllllllllmost as dark as the control line, but not quiet. I don't know if that means I ovulated or not because I have seen some online that show a really dark bold line, but it was nothing like that. So, once I complete this 3rd month of Synthroid I will be able to go get my bloodwork done to find out what my next step is. I know it wouldn't even make a difference to take clomid right now, until all this is straightened out so I am being patient.
OH, and the Couch to 5k update.. I did it one day (last post) and haven't done it since. It was sooo hard, but I am sooo out of shape. Matt is going to help me tonight as I try to do it again. I need him to keep an eye on the clock as I run a minute, walk a minute, run a minute, etc.
One more thing- Eclipse comes out today and it is KILLING me that I am not there, or going for the midnight showing, but work is crazy with it being hurricane season and I really need to be there, not sleeping because I was out late watching a movie about vampires. But, I tell you, it is killing me. I will go first thing this weekend though!
Until then (;


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