Saturday, August 8, 2009

I heart Saturdays!

Ohhhh how I love me some Saturdays. Wake up, remember that its Saturday, smile really big, go back to sleep, probably smiling, get up an hour or two later, take out the dogs, let them play in the backyard for a while, go sleep another hour, and then go play online until Matt wakes up. Then the day usually consist of some type of shopping, watching movies, cooking.... ahhhhhh it's the best.
Today we are going grocery shopping, and I am meeting someone at the store who wants to buy something from me from I freakin' love that website. I have made probably $500 from selling things that I don't use, don't wear, don't need in my house. I have had a cooler in my garage for two years, (stainless, really nice) that we only used once- 2 years ago, and somone came and took if off my hands for $30 last night!!! $30 for something that was collecting dust!!!
I plan on going to half price books. I just got the final Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, but I was looking for books on PCOS. I know that you are more successful in the diet/and baby making areas when you cut out carbs. Has to do something with the way your body processes sugar or something. Don't know for certain- that is why I want to read up on it.
I plan on spending alot of time at the grocery store, really doing some serious label reading, and starting my low-carb lifestyle today. I don't plan on eggs, meat and cheese only. Maybe for the first few weeks, but I do plan on throwing in some low carb bread, bagels, tortillas, etc. Maybe I will post some pictures of my low carb creations. Hopefully the low carb lifestyle helps out when I start clomid, within the next week.
I know what you are thinking, I should have started it already right? Well, I can't start it until day 3 of my cycle, and I had no cycle, so I picked up my prescription for Provera last night to kick it in gear. I had some drama with the doctors office over it. They wanted me to come in for blood work to make sure I wasn't pregnant. Bloodwork= $300.00. I know I am not pregnant, like I haven't taken a test every day this week. I finally had to call in and ask them to have the dr. call me, and all of a sudden it was ok to prescribe it without bloodwork. I think the nurses are on commission. Anyways, Provera worked like a charm last time, and I am praying for the same this round so I can start clomid. I have read alot of succes stories about women getting pregnant on the first round, and then there are some women who never take to it. I hope it works for me- I have faith and have put it in God's hands. I know if it is what is meant to be for Matt and I, it will surely happen.
Hope your Saturday is full of heart too (;


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