Monday, August 3, 2009

Diagnosis Discovered!

Finally had my consultation today with the RE. He looked at all my test so far, bloodwork, ultra sounds, HSG test, etc. as well as Matt's test that he had to do. He diagnosed me with a slight case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) mainly because I am just not ovulating. That's all. That is the problem. All this time and I have probably never ovulated before. And now for the good news and the BAD news..

Good news first:

I am supposed to start my cycle this week, and when I do, I go in on cycle day 3 for an ultrasound to make sure there are no cyst. If there are NO cyst (pray for this please) then I begin Round 1 of Clomid!!!! Clomid is known for multiples, which we are totally ok with. This will help/make me ovulate, and I will go back mid-cycle to find out if I am ovulating and I might be given a trigger shot at this time to "force" the release of an egg. Then we dance.. baby dance style.

Bad news..

The insurance company no longer covers any visits or medication because there is now a diagnosis. They only pay for testing, which is extremely common and infertility is typically not covered. Each visit going forward (and I will go 2-3 times per month) will cost $300 each!!! WOW. Not to rant and rave about this, because I know that a baby is what we want, and will be so worth it, but oh my goodness!! How do people afford this? The insurance specialist gave me a paper that was pretty detailed on pricing and procedures. The clomid is definitely the least expensive way to go, and then if that doesn't work we get into the daily shots, which is $500 per visit, and the price does not include any medications. Again, I know it will be worth it, and I would be totally fine with it if I knew 100% it would work on the first round, but who gets that lucky?? I am just thankful they know what the problem is, and that it can be fixed.
That is pretty much it- I always feel like I have a million questions and when I get in there to actually talk to him I forget what I was going to ask. Doesn't help that he spent well over 30 minutes with the other people while I was in the waiting room reading Baby Magazines (is that even appropriate, at a Fertility Doctor??) and had me in and out in like 3 minutes. I guess that is good news, maybe he had more concerns with them. He was confident that I was at a great age and had no doubts that this would work for us, so please continue to pray for Matt and I.
We are beyond ready for this next step in our lives!


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