Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Day Summary..

Lots going on and lots of new information. I hope I remember everything. I almost started making notes so I could keep track , but thought I would be able to remember it all so here goes..
Tuesday 08/25- wrote my last blog- had no cycle, made Dr. Appt with a new OBGYN for my yearly in October, requested all my records from current RE to see if she could help with the clomid.
Wednesday 08/26- STARTED FINALLY! This was day 50 for me. Called the dr. to make appt for my day 3, which was Friday 08/28. Not sure if it was the provera that finally kicked in or if I truly would have started on my own. Anyways, was glad to see it I guess. I also followed up on some emails I had sent to my insurance carrier rep to find out why my visits would be so much, and why wasn't anything covered for me?
Thursday 08/27- got response on my emails, and was referred to this awesome lady named Tina who works for Aetna. She wasnt necessarily in the infertility department, but this lady knew her stuff! She listened to my "rundown" and thought that from what I was saying that my visits should be covered. She urged me to continue to question the office staff at the doctor's office, and I then sent emails back and forth with the office manager. She again told me that my visits would not be covered, and I would have to pay $300 starting that next day. I was prepared for that, but again wrote her back that Aetna just told me that they would be covered, and I never heard back from her.
Friday 08/28- got a phone call from the benefits counselor at the doctors office and she told me that I had to call Aetna's infertility department, register with them, get an authorization number, and bring it to my appointment, because there was going to be ONE MONTH OF CLOMID that Aetna was going to pay for!!!!! Thank goodness I was persistent with my emails!!! They were about to charge me for $900 for the "cycle" and this whole time it was covered???? Makes you wonder what goes on. So I guess if I would not have questioned it they would have ripped me off and been completely ok with it. CRAZY.
I did all the above, got my authorization number, and went to my appt at 11am. They took my blood and I went in "Room #2" and waited for the nurse to start my ultra sound. She came in with my Clomid prescription and a Clomid protocol which was basically a plan for each day of the month, and I was to begin clomid today, Sunday, which was day 5 of my cycle. I had to order an HCG shot that was going to be shipped to me, and I also had that prescription. Then she tells me I cannot start this if my ultrasound shows I have a cyst. Great, you already know where this is going.
She does my ultra sound and I did indeed have a cyst once again on my right ovary. Huge, 33 mm cyst. I was prepared for that at least. She put me on Birth control for one month, to help diminish the cyst, Loestrin24fe, which I started on Friday, prenatal vitamins, and I am supposed to go back next month when I start my cycle again. Which means I will have to go through allllllllll that again with Aetna to get another authorization number and the doctors office again so that they don't charge me $900 instead of running it through my insurance.
We did talk more about the Clomid, and she is starting me at 100mg!!! That really surprised me, because normally you start off at 50 mg and if you don't ovulate with that, they increase it to 100 mg. I guess I just haven't heard of starting off with that much, but it kind of makes me excited! I talked to her about my low carb diet, and told her that it was making me retain alot of water, told her how bloated I had been, and she suggested switching to a low-glycemic diet where you eat "heatltier carbs" which I guess are like whole grains and leafy vegetables. On that note, I am going to do Jenny Craig for a little while because after researching there is no way I can plan my meals on that diet. I would go off track so easily. I have never done Jenny Craig before but Aetna also has discounts for that so that is good news. I start my "meal plans" tomorrow, and got all my groceries today.
Yesterday my dad, Debbie, and Monique came to help us finish our wood floors and helped with the quarter round trim. It looks AMAZING! I will post pictures of it as soon as I finish getting my pillows for my couches. I might even do curtains! I am so proud of Matt, he did a great job, and we couldnt have done it without my folks helping out. My dad has every tool and saw you can think of- he brought two different types of saws with him that were both attached to tables. My garage looked like a "man-cave" and still does with all the saw dust. Before and after pictures coming soon, so stay tuned for that.
We are waiting for Jason's Deli to deliver our dinner, and we are going to cuddle up and watch "the Last House on the Left".

Happy Sunday to ya!


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