Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

Yuck. No cycle. No Clomid. No fun.
I never started my cycle from the Provera that was prescribed to me on 08/07. I am currently on day 50 of my cycle. Most people only go 28 days, but not this girl. I am miserable, crampy, bloated, hungry as heck and just really feeling yucky! I am almost certain that I have another cyst.
Anyways, I emailed the nurse today to ask her what she thought, and if she had any suggestions or thought maybe we could up the dosage of my provera, and she came back with "Call the office to make an appt for bloodwork". Of course!!! Why didn't I think of that? Geez. I KNEW that was coming!! Again, another $300.
I decided to make an appt with a regular OBGYN. It was time for my well woman exam anyways, and she is actually the doctor that my sister in law Brannon saw when she was pregnant, and she delivered Brannon's baby. Also, she can do the same things that the RE can do, at a much more reasonable cost. The only bad thing, is that that appointment is not until 10/01. They are supposed to call if something comes up sooner. I requested all my records from the RE so hopefully she will be able to be a little bit more aggressive with the cards we are dealt. I am not even opposed to a few months of birth control at this point to get me going on a regular cycle. As long as it is a few months, and we can start trying again immediately when things are normal. Any advice, thoughts, suggestions, feedback? Not really sure where to turn at this point.


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