Thursday, April 22, 2010

Results are in!

Drumroll please!!!.....


I have low thyroid!! Well, there are two different ones that affect metabolism and infertility and both are low! They are T3 and T4, and if I understood correctly the T4 makes sure that the T3 works correctly. He wants me to start on medication to get the T4 working so that he can see if the T3 falls into place from the T4. I am starting 88 mg of Synthroid tomorrow, and he gave me a sample of a lower dosage just in case it makes me feel funny. Yikes.
I have a 2 month supply of the 88 mg, and go back before the 2 months is up to get my levels re-checked to see if the T3 should be treated next. Most likely- something I will take the rest of my life. But- hey- if it makes me feel better, gives me energy, helps me lose weight, and most importantly gives me a baby then I am all for it. The doctor said this was the best $25 I could have spent, having the test done. That makes me happy.
Other than that, Matt and I are watching the NFL draft picks tonight, talking a little smack, and I am actually emotional watching these big ol' boys getting phone calls and crying, and then huggin' their mommas. One guy didn't have his family at the table with him and that was what starting the gigantic lump (or is that my thyroid (; ) in my throat and then tears just started flowing. Geez!


Aimee said...

Great news honey! I'm glad that you have some answers and I pray that it helps get you the results you want. If this works, how soon could you be pregnant? How cool would it be for us to be preggo together? :-)

And....I'm glad I'm not the only one that got choked up watching the draft....It's definitely a hormone thing :-)

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