Saturday, September 26, 2009

We will miss you Kristi Marie!

One week ago today I lost a cousin to a horrible tragic accident in which a drunk driver hit the car that her and her sister were in. She was ejected from the car and I am pretty sure she died immediately. This week I have just been numb, and it wasn't real to me until we went to Beaumont on Thursday for the week. I started to panic a little that morning, because I knew then I had to come to terms with it and I would have to face it and deal with it- and really really soon. I am not good in these situations- I never know the right words to say, didn't know quite what to say to her father, sister, and brother, who were all hurting so bad and all lost their wife/mother only 6 years ago. Death is always hard to face, and it takes you by suprise when it is someone so young, and it is not expected. I loved Kristi very much, and am so fortunate to have known her. I didn't know her for her entire life, but was married into the family when I was about 13, so she would have been 7 then. Her family and friends will miss her dearly, but it makes me smile to think that her and her mom are together now and I know they have some catching up to do. Rest in Peace Kristi.. 06/18/85-09/19/09


Angie said...

So sad! That is too young to go :(

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