Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

A little late my friends, but hopefully no one has worn any white pants, shoes, shorts, or capri's since Monday. Surely you did not need my blog to remind you...
I had the best 3 day weekend! Friday kicked it off just perfectly! Came home to a nice clean house (Matt was off!!) and a freshly cut yard!! Love it. My uncle Bryan and cousin Zach came and saw our house. They just moved here from North Carolina and we could not be more tickled that they are here. The bonus was that we got to see them three days in a row.. Thursday for Zach's football game (which he did great!!!), Friday they came by our house, and Saturday the Duhon's got together for some Fried fish, shrimp, and Texas Football. My aunt and cousin teamed up in the kitchen and made some delicious appetizers, and my cousin made the most wonderful cake. The kind that you want to just lick your plate it was so good. I love those girls. I am bad though, did not take ONE picture, but I did request some that hopefully I can post soon.
For Labor Day, Matt and I grilled Fajitas..
And I made my Dad's YUMMY Spanish Rice..

And I made Homemade SnickerDoodles..
And I made a yummy Butterfinger dessert with lots of yummy goodness in it...

Matt decided he was going in head first...(:
Everything is going great with everything else. I have remembered to take my birth control everyday believe it or not, and have taken my prenatal vitamins as well. The birth control actually makes me in a good mood. Explain that one.
The rest of my week is lookin' pretty good. I am taking a HR class tomorrow with my boss during lunch time, and Friday.. well, its FRIDAY!
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day, long weekend, and a great **short week**!


Michelle said...

you should post some of your favorite recipes on here when you have time. You make the best food and I'd love for you to share all of your yummy secrets!!

The Durbin Blog said...

Hmm... Great idea!!!

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