Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The birth control for one month did work. Who knew the very expensive Reproductive Endocrinologist knew what he was talking about?? One month of Loestrin24fe.. a cycle right on time.. 28 days.. a cyst that disappeared, beautiful follicles, and a prescription of 100 mg of CLOMID!! My blood work was also really good. Normally my estrogen is really high for a day 3 blood work, but it was actually normal, as well as the other 3 hormones that are normally a flat ZERO.

I got my prescription filled that next day- as you can imagine that sucker was burning a hole in my pocket And- what is better than a prescription of Clomid? How about a FREE prescription of Clomid for 3 months!! Some promotion they are running that I just happened to be at the right place at the right time for. So my total was $o.oo.. Now- that is recession clomid!

I ordered my HCG shot, Ovudril, as well as the progesterone suppositories all that I begin taking next week. I started the Clomid on Saturday (Cycle day 5), take 2 50 mg pills every night with my dinner, and then I go in on Monday to find out if it worked. They will be looking at my follicles to see if they are ready to hatch eggs. They like to see them between 18 and 22 mm.. Last time I had one HUGE one that was 30 something mm. The nurse was ready to give me a shot that day, but she didn't know I was still testing. Anyways, the shots and suppositories ( I know, it's nasty, I don't even like spelling it out) ran about $100 and they should arrive to my work tomorrow.. on ice.. and then I will have to refrigerate them immediately. My co-workers will love that. I will just place them next to the breast milk that I see from time to time.. ew.

No weird side effects so far on the clomid. I just realized I was really hot, but I don't have my fan on in my bedroom, I have a warm laptop on my lap, and I have two dogs laying on my legs. Probably not the clomid.. I do have some strange scraping feelings on my ovaries. Not like menstrual cramps, but like there is a fingernail scratching them. It's pretty constant but it doesn't bother me. I am the one that will not complain if I were to throw up every single day, twice daily, if I were to get pregnant. I promise, I will be so happy to throw up.

So a little ovary scraping doesn't bother me. Nope. Not in the least.
Thanks for everyone's support and prayers. This is definetely not something you want to go through alone, and I am so thankful I have Matt right there beside me every step of the way. Keep us in your prayers these next few weeks, and I promise to keep you posted. If you have or know of any clomid success stories, please share in my comments!


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