Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Labor Day!! Today was my day I swore I would sleep in because I have been up at the crack of dawn the past two days but it was no bueno again this morning.. I will back up and give you the run-down on how the past 4 days of this has gone, and today so far also. I realize this is all TMI, but I will not even go into the detail that I should and when I say bathroom you just think about the worst time you went to the bathroom with the most terrible stomach flu. That is what this feels like..
Thursday night- start one pill with dinner... "This isn't bad at all! Why did they tell me to hang around a toilet??"
Friday morning- slightly nauseous, but maybe from the pre-natal vitamin?
Friday lunch- Stomach starts gurgling 3 minutes into my chicken enchiladas. Got back from lunch and had to run across the parking lot, full force to the bathroom that is not in the main building so I am away from co-workers. Thinking I wasn't going to make it, and so thankful the bathroom was in a vacant office and it was a one-seater.
Friday night- Bathroom, Bathroom, Bathroom and one more pill at dinner terrified because of my white shorts I was going to wear to the UT game.. Should I take it or not? I will go ahead and take it.
Saturday morning- "Why is this room spinning and when did I drink vodka and how do I not remember it?" It took my well over an hour to get out of bed because I was afraid I would vomit. It was tiny slow movements at a time, but I had to let my dogs out in the backyard to potty. My schnauzer was standing by the front door, so I went ahead and let him out front because he is normally pretty good about staying by me and in our yard. Lesson learned. He sees a cat across the street and chases it all the way down the street and around the corner. I am running after him screaming, and I don't know what was louder.. my yellin' voice, or my stomach gurgling, but I am sure both woke up the neighborhood. I finally got him, and had to carry him back to the house, and I am cold-sweating by this point.
Gametime- I could barely eat my food, I wasn't too hungry, but as soon as I got home, bathroom, bathroom, bathroom, and Matt and I went to dinner, and came home and bathroom.
Sunday- went to church and went to eat after church.. bathroom, you get the idea, it's anytime I eat at this point.
Made it to Beaumont, went to the movies with my ladies, and made it home and was in pain by the time I got home last night around midnight because my tummy hurt so bad. I felt like the side effects lessened alot this day so I went ahead and started 2 pills a day last night. I have to work my way up to 3 by the end of the week so thank goodness it's a long weekend.
Today, I was a little nauseous when I woke up, but nothing like Saturday. I have had to take two bathroom breaks during the time it took to write this blog, but hey.. at least we know it's working... right ?


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