Saturday, September 4, 2010

Follow-up on Bloodwork

I met with Dr. B on Thursday, and she must have known I was worried (Dr. B, do you read my blog? (: )because she started it off by saying that she only wanted me to come in so that we could talk face to face rather than over the phone, because some of my levels were a little high.
She said that I absolutely have PCOS- so thank goodness I don't need to change the title of my blog. LOL! My testosterone was a little high for a female.. I think she said average was 1.something for a female and mine was 2.0. Not too high, but definetely above normal.
My glucose and cholestrol came back perfect, and let me tell you how suprised I was to hear that on the cholestrol. I do no have the healthiest eating habits but all 5 of the different levels were right in the middle of range. Good news!
My prolactin level was high- as if I am breastfeeding, LOL.. She said it could be from my nipples being overstimulated.. WHAT! I started laughing hysterically after my face twisted with question.. BOOB man right here folks.. LOL!

Anyway, she said she might check this level again when (if) I get pregnant and before then I cannot have any nipple stiumlation for like 72 hours. We're gonna have to lock him up.

So all across the board, the news wasn't so bad after all. I am on CD 25 right now, and I will start clomid on CD5 whenever I start my period. I am starting to get the rhythm down on this whole period thing, and I am waiting for it anyday now. It's like I am 13 again, only trying to get pregnant. I started Metformin on Thursday night and the side effects are gruesome. Metformin gets its own blog- stay tuned..


Nancy said...

thats so funny, LOL well you wont have a problem breastfeeding then if those levels are high already. Good luck with all this baby makin!

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