Monday, October 10, 2011

Guess who's coming for dinner?

Well, the whole weekend actually..


I can't wait to see them! I just saw them last weekend but I already miss their sweet faces.

Miss Sophie claps her hands now, and it is so cute to watch, and Karsen just had her 7th birthday and first slumber party! Love those girls (:

In other news, Red River Shootout (Texas/OU Game) happened this weekend.. This did not end well for my Longhorns, and as you probably know by now, means that my husband (OU Fan) gets to wear the pants this year.. for a whole year, until Texas wins again. Which really is just a silly joke because we all know who wear the pants. Right?

So, since there were no movies showing, and we went to dinner fairly early Saturday night, and were not ready to go home (and someone had an adult beverage at dinner and was super giggly) he chose to do this..

Yep. That says PSYCHIC READER. It was so weird. We drove up at this house, and there were two really really nice cars in the driveway. So for some reason this made us think that it was safe to just walk up to this place and walk in. Well, like I said it was someone's house, and there was a little girl that was sitting on the floor in the dark in the living room just staring at us. Not kidding.
There was a very small kitchen directly to our left, and there were pots left on the stove with some kind of food in them. It was really messy, and the little girl asked us if we wanted her to go get her mom. We told her yes, and her mother came around the corner hacking her lungs up, not covering her mouth, and asked us if she could help us.. My hilarious husband pops back with, "You don't already know?" and Drunky (me) starts laughing so hard. She told us she was really sick, and asked if we could come back tomorrow. We got the heck out of there and did not go back the next day, but we did talk about it all day and how much it creeped us out.

So, that my friends, is a Date night with the Durbs.
And then we came home and watched the Amanda Knox movie, and SNL of course.

In baby news, it's CD1 and my last cycle was only 32 days.. getting better!

That's all for now!

Have a wonderful week!


The Joiners said...

Ha you make me laugh!! You also make me very jealous because a 32-day cycle is 8 million times shorter than mine have been!!!

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