Saturday, June 25, 2011

My latest Obsessions.. Part 1

Shellac Nail polish- LOVE IT!!!

If I can get any kind of manicure that I cannot destruct the polish myself, being the picker that I am, then I am sold for life!

This stuff is amazing!! I literally go get manicures every other week, it is now more important to me than pedicures. So my feet are somewhat needing attention.

So if you want to have long lasting, hard, strong manicures, go get a manicure and when they tell you "GO PICK YOUR COLOR" (they always scream it to me as soon as I walk in the door, which is the reason for the all caps)then yell back at them "I WANT SHELLAC" and if they are like my salon they have plastic nails colored and attached to a CD case with all the different colors.

It supposedly last two weeks, but this picture shows what it looks like after a week.

My only gripe is there are usually only about 20 or so colors to choose from, but I can live with it and always find something I love.


Honey B. said...

Hah, the ladies at my salon scream that too! lol Must try this shellac, I got a new color on Thursday, and I can already see the area where I'm going to start picking today,

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