Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2- My Least Favorite Song

Ok, I have two.. and my hate for these two songs is very strong.
Ladies first.. Pocket full of sunshine, exactly what does that mean? Honestly, my gym plays it all the time so that might have something to do with it. I am dying on an elliptical or treadmill hearing this crap. Thank goodness for my IPod.

And now for the worst. song. ever. This came out about the time that I met Matt, and it was such a happy time in my life, and for whatever reason, this song drives me crazy.

Out of the 30 day song challenge realm, my life has been pure CHAOS. Seriously, my days of having a ton of spare time relaxing, blogging, and being able to do my normal everyday things are gone. For example, I dropped my comforter off at the cleaners over a week ago and I have not picked it up, and that is not like me because I do not like sleeping with a sheet. I will try to get it today.
I have been super busy with the gym, working out 3-4 times a week, taking Zumba classes, and I have done a few days of couch to 5k, had family over at the house, not to mention work.. we have hired about 250 people this year so far. It's crazy from the minute I get there until after I leave. I love it, because it really makes the time go by fast, but I haven't even been taking lunch breaks because the company has been providing lunches so that we stay in and stay working.
Also, I am sad that we did not get to go to Vegas this year ); With Matt starting a new job, and so much other stuff going on there was just no way. We plan on going next year though because my younger brother just got engaged and wants to do it up big for his bachelor party in VEGAS!!!
Congrats Seth and Spencer, I am so happy for you guys and I am looking forward to standing up for you as bridesmaid in your wedding.
Aren't they freaking adorable???

Not only do I get a new sister, but I get a super cute nephew .. check out this little guy..

So cute!!!


Anonymous said...

Pocketful of sunshine means you have something that belongs to you that no one can take, that makes you happy! haha

I agree with the 2nd choice bad song, hate that one!

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